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Healthy Eating for Your Pet

Many families consider their pet to be an integral part of the family. In fact, an American Animal Hospital Association survey found that 70 percent of people include their pet’s name on greeting and Christmas cards. For these families, making sure their pet is eating healthy food is important. Making sure a pet is happy with their food is now not only possible, but easier […]


Humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from the qualities of freeze-dried food. Many commercially available pet foods can easily be duplicated, with higher quality food at a much lower price. While most of us buy our freeze dryers to take care of our human needs, we find that our pets also benefit for the […]

Freeze Dry Your Own Pet Food

With all the pet food health scares, many pet owners are turning to homemade pet food and treats. Done right, these home-cooked meals are far healthier than commercial food. If you’ve got a freeze drier, you can make this holistic vet’s 15-minute recipe for your cat or dog and easily freeze dry it in individual or daily […]