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In the world of food preservation, there are many methods that are satisfactory. Freezing, drying, and canning have been around for many generations in some form or another, and have improved as new equipment has come available. Freezing is known for preserving flavors closest to fresh, and drying works wonders with many foods, allowing them […]

Better Breakfasts with a Home Freeze Dryer

There are plenty of reasons why eating a healthy breakfast is important: Boosts your metabolism – good news for anyone trying to lose weight, especially those who have hit the dreaded middle age metabolism slow down. Helps keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day. Reduces risk of overeating later in the day. A healthy […]

Using Your Freeze Dryer to Make Holiday Meals Easier

Big Christmas meals and a plethora of holiday potlucks can leave even the most ardent cooks wiped out by New Year’s Eve. The key to enjoying your holidays, including some well-deserved rest, is to get ahead of the game in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With a Harvest Right home freeze dryer you can […]