What Are You Feeding Your Dog?

Homemade Dog FoodWe’ve had such a great response to our conversations about freeze drying pet food that we’ve asked our friends at Breeder Retriever to be our guest bloggers today:

When you pour dog chow into your pet’s bowl, do you wonder what’s really in those little brown pellets? Processed dog food from big-name brands can contain unhealthy chemicals and additives, starchy fillers, and by-products. Not surprisingly, these low-quality, harmful ingredients explain why owners have seen more cases of skin allergies and chronic health problems in their dogs.

Since processed dog chow is unhealthy, you can easily make the switch to homemade meals. Want to get rid of last night’s leftover chicken? How about those bags of beans and brown rice that have been collecting dust in your cupboard? When you whip up your own dog food recipes, you can use what’s already in your kitchen!

You’ll see so many improvements in your dog’s well-being, including a glowing coat and skin, higher energy levels, and a healthier weight. Plus, you won’t have to pay for expensive packaged food brands. Reducing food waste, saving money, and helping your dog live a healthy life — what’s not to love about homemade dog chow?

Just remember, dogs have different immune and digestive systems than humans. Certain foods that are healthy for you can be harmful for your dog. Before you start your first batch, find out which ingredients don’t belong in their stomach.

There’s an affordable, healthy way to make your own dog food recipes. Check out this infographic from BreederRetriever.com. It shows you how to cook up (or freeze dry!) nutritious recipes for your precious pet.

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