Freeze dryer saves the day…and the phone!

We love to hear about what our customers are putting in their freeze dryers. We hear a lot of great stories, some are brand new things they've tried, some we've heard before. Although typically we hear food stories, we occasionally hear about other things, too. We told you about the Clark's drowned iPhone and how it was

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Hiking the Appalachian Trail: Dave Update

On April 13th Dave Nelson began a 2200-mile trek on the Appalachian Trail. His journey began in Springer Mountain, Georgia and will end in Maine. He’ll be walking for five to six months, carrying everything he needs in his backpack. Meet Dave and see what's in his pack here. Were you following Dave's journey on the

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Meet Dave Nelson

Meet Dave Nelson, world traveler. On April 13th Dave began a 2200-mile trek on the Appalachian Trail. His journey began in the Springer Mountains of Georgia and will end in Maine. He'll be walking for five to six months, carrying everything he needs in his backpack. Dave is 36 years old and lives in Salt Lake

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Freeze-Dried Garden Seeds

Recently, the head engineer at Harvest Right wondered what would happen if he freeze-dried seeds. Would they germinate? He freeze dried 10 different types of vegetable seeds, started them under grow lights inside his home, then transplanted them in a Garden Right geodesic dome greenhouse. It worked! Every single one of the seeds germinated – but

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Freeze-Dried Flavorings

Freeze-dried flavorings are one of the best kept secrets in the home freeze drying world. The concept is simple: Freeze dry the natural source of any flavor (such as fruits, herbs or even your favorite coconut-flavored yogurt), grind the freeze-dried chunks into a powder, then use the powders to flavor frostings, fillings, batters, dressings or

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Drowned iPhone Saved By a Freeze Dryer!

Tom and Sharon Clark & their saved iPhone Yes, it does seem that you can truly freeze dry almost anything, and we recently heard a story that takes the cake. A few weeks ago, a Harvest Right employee (Dan) received a call from a neighbor (Sharon) who said that she and her husband (Tom) needed

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Harvest Right Makes Best Prepper Website List

Harvest Right's website was recently named as one of the 'Best 250 Prepper Websites' by Happy To Survive, a homesteading and prepping resource. Here's their review: "Harvest Right. Ok here is the review for this awesome website. 4 Words:  FREEZE DRY AT HOME.  Amazing!  Ok…that is 5 words. This is a great website with lovely products,

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Freeze Drying vs. Canning

Until now, canning food has been one of the best methods of home food preservation available. There are problems with canning, however, including a high risk of spoilage, short shelf life, reduced nutritional value, limited variety as well as a labor intensive process (that can also be dangerous if proper procedures aren't followed). Freeze drying

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