Healthy Eating for Your Pet

Cat and dog eating pet food

Many families consider their pet to be an integral part of the family. In fact, an American Animal Hospital Association survey found that 70 percent of people include their pet’s name on greeting and Christmas cards. For these families, making sure their pet is eating healthy food is important. Making sure a pet is happy with their food is now not only possible, but easier than ever. Even the most finicky dog will be barking for joy over freeze-dried food.  

Many store-bought pet foods are filled with hidden ingredients and fillers, many of which can be harmful for your pet. When you freeze dry your pet food at home, you know exactly what’s in it, so you can be sure it’s not something your pet may be allergic to or flat out refuses to eat. Freeze drying your own pet food gives you both comfort and control. 

Freeze drying your own pet food can also help save money. Store brands of pet food (especially specialty, freeze-dried food) can be very pricey, however, freeze drying your own food offers a cheaper alternative. Freeze drying at home allows you to offer your pet a fresh, raw food diet without breaking the bank. 

Everyone loves homemade food, so why would your pet be any different. Give your pet the food they deserve by freeze drying at home with a Harvest Right freeze dryer. 


I wish you had some recipes we can try for our animals.
Right now we freeze dried turkey that we seasoned and prepared for us and then smoked it. Our animals loved it as much as we do. We also use our own grown potatoes steamed and mashed for them. still working on vegetables.
Do you have any recipes you could share with us?

Recently I cooked a huge amount of chicken liver for us and our dogs. Although I wasn’t drawn to the taste, my dogs were all over it. They are offered regular cooked chicken liver at times and enjoy it, but the freeze dried was a real winner. They loved it, just being sure to provide them with ample water supply and monitor the amount of liver they are given.

When you grow your own sweet potatoes, sometimes they come out with big ugly cracks in them. I cut out the unsightly bits, cut them up into cubes, and freeze dry them. I give them to my mom’s dog as a treat and he LOVES them. Another example of not letting any garden produce go to waste.

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