Freeze Drying Easter Leftovers

Ham, spring vegetables and cream pies are the traditional staples of Easter dinner. If you're like most enthusiastic holiday cooks, you've made enough for an army. If you have a home freeze dryer, all that extra food can actually serve you well in the days ahead. Yes, you can even freeze dry the pie. Freeze

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Celebrate National Meatball Day the Healthy Way

Well what do you know? National Meatball Day falls right in the middle of National Nutrition Month. And who doesn't love meatballs? Meatballs done the old school way can be full of fat, salt and sugar. However, meatballs done right are high in protein, full of flavor, and can be part of a healthy diet.

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Holiday Gift Giving

The holidays are upon us. Does December seem to fly by without the opportunity for things that are most important: spending time with those closest to you, taking time for yourself: time to relax and enjoy the lights and music of the season, and doing kind deeds for others?  We think those things should be

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How the Drought Will Affect Food Prices

How the Drought Will Affect Food Prices Wondering how the drought will affect food prices? It depends on how much worse the drought gets, or so says the United States Department of Agriculture and Economic Research Service. (USDA ERS). According to their most current report, they predict the cost of eggs will rise (no surprise)

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Your Chance to Win a FREE Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Would you like a chance to win a FREE Harvest Right freeze dryer? Countryside Magazine is giving you the chance! All you have to do is enter the Preserve the Harvest contest and you’ll be in the running to win useful food preservation gear like a food press, canning jars, pectin, pollinators and more. Your

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How Freeze-Drying Can Improve Your Quality of Life

  Another driveway discussion led to the statement that ‘home freeze-drying alone can drastically improve the quality of life’. That’s a big statement, and I said it with a straight face. Here’s why: Without the ability to preserve food, humans have to spend the biggest portion of the day looking for or cultivating fresh food.

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Freeze Drying to Eat (or Save) What’s In Season

Heriloom tomatoes are at their peak so we’re eating bruschetta for dinner nearly every night right now. We just toast some good bread, rub it with a clove of garlic and top with diced tomatoes. Then we drizzle a little olive oil (peppery Oro Bailen is the current household favorite) and sprinkle with sea salt

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How to Properly Store Root Vegetables in the Kitchen

Many of us store foods like potatoes, onions, garlic and ginger root in the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator, but storing root vegetables don’t do do well in cold storage. High humidity in refrigerators causes rot and storing root vegetables together can actually affect the flavor. The good news is there is an easy and

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Using Freeze Dried Rhubarb

Joy! Rhubarb is in season. This week I bought a bunch in the grocery store just in time for a Memorial Day pie. I had to explain to the cashier what it was, and she still kept calling it “Roobark”. This exchange made me worry that my favorite vegetable was being overlooked by the next

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Organizing a Prepper’s Pantry

Organizing an emergency pantry, whether it’s a shelf or a whole closet, can help you see what stores you have and what you need. Here are some inexpensive ideas for giving your pantry an organization makeover: Commercial Kitchen Shelving Wire racks from your local restaurant supply store are a fast, fairly inexpensive storage solution. If

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