Be Healthy by Owning a Pet

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About 67% of American families are pet owners. For many, the family dog or cat is just another member of the family. Being a part of a loving family is definitely a benefit to the animal, but did you know that the entire family benefits from having a pet? Studies show that growing up with a pet improves children’s social and physical development, along with their overall health.

Learning to care for a family pet helps kids develop responsibility. There’s no better way to teach children that pets depend on their care than to have them take an active role in the responsibilities of pet ownership.  Feeding are caring for that pet also teaches them valuable nurturing skills. 

Assisting in the care of a pet also helps children to feel a sense of accomplishment. Studies show that children with pet have higher levels of self confidence than those without pets. 

Owning a pet, especially a dog, encourages physical activity. Dogs need to go for walks or need someone to play fetch with them. Children with dogs are actually 54% more likely to get the daily amount of recommended physical activity than those that do not have a dog. 

Owning a pet is also good for the health of everyone in the family. It reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure, and lessens the risk of heart disease. Children who grow up with pets have a stronger immune system. Studies even show that children with pets missed, on average, fewer days of school than those without pets. 

 Since pets are a valuable part of a home, you should treat them like any other member of the family. Freeze-dried pet food is some of the best and healthiest food you can feed a pet. The main reason pet owners decide against providing freeze-dried food to a pet is the cost. It is expensive to purchase in schools. Many owners of Harvest Right freeze dryers have discovered the cost savings of freeze drying pet food at home. It’s easy, a lot less expensive, and a great way to make sure your pet stays healthy.You can learn more about using a home freeze dryer to make healthy freeze-dried pet food by visiting our site.  

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