September is National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month serves as a reminder that we all must take action to prepare, not only during the month of September, but throughout the year, for different types of disasters and emergencies that can happen throughout the world. There are key steps that every household can take to be better prepared. Plan for the

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It’s One Less Thing To Worry About

As a writer, I seldom write in first person, but this blog has a purpose. As I drove to work this morning, I was thinking about the day, and what it would bring. When I teach basic preparedness, I point out the fact that each thing you can do during normal times is one

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Hurricane Irma: One Year Later

"It's been one year since Hurricane Irma and I can honesty say that this has been the most trying year of our lives." (Read our previous post about the Smiths losing nearly everything they owned in Hurricane Irma, here.) Update from Karen: We were able to completely move back into our house after 8

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Use Your Freeze Dryer to Create Amazing Rubs

A great steak usually doesn’t need much more than salt and pepper for seasoning and it will still taste fantastic, but some meats are not very flavorful just on their own. These types of meats are a blank canvas that gives you the opportunity to get creative by making a dry rub to help

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A Happy Customer in Texas

We received a nice note from one of our customers, Sharon W., in Texas. We bought the medium dryer about 7 months ago. Since then we have been running our dryer practically non-stop. We have found it keeps the flavor, makes storage easy, and it is so easy to use – we think it

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Avid Hiking Family Loves Their Freeze Dryer

We recently received a message from a very satisfied customer. Don and Jessica Westbrook have owned a freeze dryer for nearly two years and love it. They use their freeze dryer to preserve garden produce, make snacks, and add to their food storage. “We love the dryer!” wrote Jessica who uses the freeze dryer

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Packing Your Bug Out Bag

Do you have a Bug Out Bag? You should. A Bug Out Bag, affectionately knows as BOB, is a bag that contains everything you'd need to survive for three days (72 hours) in case you need to evacuate for a disaster. The term likely comes from World War II pilots who had "bail out

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What is Mylar and Why is it Best?

The very best way to store freeze-dried food for long term is in Mylar bags, but what is Mylar? Officially called BoPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) the metallic-looking film is best known by its common trade name of Mylar. Mylar can be used in a number of ways including in balloons, as insulation, in kites,

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Getting the Most From Your Tomato Plants

Although technically a fruit, most people think of the tomato as a vegetable. Tomatoes are a very common plant found in most home gardens. They are easy to grow and usually provide an abundant harvest. The average yield of each tomato plant, however, varies depending on plant type, care, and garden location. The typical

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