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Severe Food Allergies? You Need a Home Freeze Dryer.

Recently one of the Harvest Right team was traveling in Europe and overheard a woman in a restaurant attempting to explain to a waiter, in broken Italian, that she had broad and severe food allergies. She couldn't have fat, dairy, gluten, eggs, beans, corn, and a whole other list of foods. It was a difficult

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Freeze Dried Snacks for Runners

Cooler temperatures are the start of 5K and marathon training season in many areas of the country. With the growing popularity of ultra marathons and races that last multiple days, freeze dried food is starting to hit the radar of the running community. You can buy prepackaged freeze dried food, but freeze drying your running

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Packing Light: Freeze-Dried Food for Road Trips

It's time to start planning those summer vacations, and one of the best ways to relax and enjoy an adventure is with the good old American Road Trip. Whether you're in a fancy RV, a retro pop-up camper or you've just got a car, a hammock and a dream, packing for road trips requires a careful

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Growing Fruits in Your Garden Year Round

Adding fruits to your diet is essential to keeping yourself healthy, and growing fruit in your backyard comes with added benefits. You’ll enjoy fresh, chemical-free food and more physical activity when you grow your own. Even if you live in the city, you can grow your own fruit. It just takes some basic knowledge and a little homework. The infographic below will help you get started with your own fruit garden, no matter where you live. And, a freeze dryer is the PERFECT way to preserve all your beautiful fruits and veggies to last another 25 years.   Continue reading “Growing Fruits in Your Garden Year Round” »

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Freeze Drying vs. Dehydrating: Which is Better?

Of the food preservation methods, freeze drying and dehydrating seem similar, but they are actually very different processes. Dehydrating only removes some of the water from food, so dehydrated food often has a short shelf life and a sometimes a thicker, chewy-type texture. Freeze drying on the other hand removes nearly all of the water

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How to Add More Veggies to Your Diet

Like many, you may have a New Year's resolution to eat healthier. That means adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. Current recommendations for adults are at least five cups a day! That can seem like a lot of chewing, especially if you're new to cooking and eating vegetables. One of the best ways

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Delicious Freeze-Dried Yogurt Drops

Freeze drying yogurt is not only easy - the result is delicious. We talked a bit about it in an earlier post, but thought we'd expand on the topic here. Yogurt is such a healthy food, especially if it's low-fat and low (or no) sugar. Yogurt drops make a great snack for little ones because

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Can Freeze Drying Improve Your Health?

Some members of our community are wondering if freeze drying can help them improve their health. The topic came up again recently when one of our members brought up the fact that their employer was switching insurance providers that offered a "consumer based" model instead of a PPO. In other words, a high deductible plan.

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Creating a Winter Emergency Food Storage Plan

Well, as they say, Winter is Coming. The last two winters were brutal in nearly every state of the Union - even those without snowfall saw record colds and even some ice. Predictions are that this winter will be dangerously cold and that every state where it can snow, it will snow. Snow and cold

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Check Out Our New Website

This week we launched our new website and we're pretty excited to share it with you. We've added tons of new photos, downloadable content and tips, as well as the science of freeze drying. For example, check out our Why it's Better page and learn how and why freeze drying trumps every other food preservation

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