Make Ahead Holiday Breakfasts

If your house is anything like most of ours, holidays begin with big family breakfasts. The problem is, if you're cooking a big Christmas or New Year's dinner, there's no room or counter space to also cook a big breakfast for everyone. That's where your freeze dryer comes in. Breakfast foods freeze dry so well

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4 Unique Foods You Can Freeze Dry

Providing healthy, fresh food to your family can be challenging—especially when your life is full of deadlines, carpools, homework, after-school activities, and everyday chores. Canning and dehydrating food helps, but each of those processes robs food of nutritional value and even when you freeze your food to retain the nutrition, it comes with an expiration

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How to Save on Egg Prices During the 2015 Avian Flu Outbreak

By now you’ve probably heard that a new strain of bird flu (H5N2) has been making rounds in the poultry and egg industry. So far the effects have reduced egg production by about 5%. This reduction is causing shortages in availability and egg price increases of up to 120% in stores and restaurants. Analysts predict

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