As Easter rolls around this year, there’s no doubt you’ll see plenty of seasonal treats – chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and, of course, eggs! But, not only are eggs a fantastic Easter goodie, they are also perfect for freeze drying.

Eggs have always been a favorite among freeze dryer owners. Eggs are easy to freeze dry, store well, and are a staple in any great food storage. Many people also love to take freeze-dried eggs with them on the go. They are easy to rehydrate – just add water and you have fresh eggs again. Whether it’s camping, hiking, or even just a stay-at-home meal, you can’t go wrong with eggs.

There are many different ways to prepare your eggs, however most people like to either freeze dry cooked scrambled eggs or simply mix and freeze dry raw eggs. No matter which way you like your eggs, you can be guaranteed a healthy, long lasting food storage option from freeze drying all those eggs you get this Easter.


Hi, I’m new and just freeze dried my first batch of eggs. It was super dry. We put them in the food processor to powder them. We bagged it in mylar bag with an oxygen absorber we received, and sealed it. The bag felt a bit warm to the touch. I think it was from the food processor since we powdered it. Will this cause any problems if it was dry when we took it out of the freeze dryer? Should we wait for it to cool before packing after powdering it in the food processor? Thank you so much for your advice!

I just recently watched a podcast regarding your question. They said to not pack warm food due to it causing moisture in the bag. I let mine go back to room temperature before I seal them.

I would also suggest buying a moisture sensor. It gives you piece of mind that what you’re packing doesn’t contain any moisture because how it looks and feels can be deceiving!

The freeze dryers are smart and will automatically adjust themselves depending on the moisture content of the different food products.

Can you cook scrambled eggs in oven using the harvest right trays let them cool and then just put in freeze dryer ?

I did a batch of raw eggs and life happened and I couldn’t get them out of the freeze dryer so I did more dry time. Long story short I had to keep pressing more dry time and finally was able to remive the product at 70 hrs. Can you over dry food and are the eggs still good?

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