Freeze Drying Cauliflower Rice and Cauliflower Potatoes

For those of you cutting down on carbs such as rice and potatoes, the magic of cauliflower can put your favorite dishes back on the menu. Cauliflower “rice” and cauliflower “potatoes” have the same consistency as real rice and potatoes. Because cauliflower is relatively bland, it can absorb your favorite savory flavors and mimic your favorite side dishes. The benefit? All the taste without the carbohydrates and high hypoglycemic impact of rice and potatoes. Convinced? Here’s how to make cauliflower rice and potatoes at home:

Cauliflower Rice

Place fresh cauliflower florets in a food processor and pulse until the florets break down into granules the size of rice or couscous. You can use this “rice” to replace any grain in salads, recipes, or as a base for ethnic dishes. You can also cook cauliflower rice in butter or olive oil to make your favorite version of fried or curried rice. Cauliflower rice is a great way to sneak more vegetables into your diet while hanging on to your favorite rice-based meals.

To freeze dry cauliflower rice, or any dish made with cauliflower rice, spread the “rice” on freeze drying trays and process. To re-hydrate, spritz with warm water until it returns to its original consistency.

Cauliflower Potatoes

Cauliflower mashed potatoes are even easier than real mashed potatoes. After all, cauliflower cooks faster and doesn’t require peeling! To make cauliflower mashed potatoes, steam or boil cauliflower florets until tender. Drain until almost dry. Add florets to warm milk, garlic, salt and butter and blend with a mixer until fluffy. Cauliflower has a slightly nutty flavor, and because there’s no starch, it will never get gummy like mashed potatoes can if over-whipped. To eliminate dairy, save a cup of the liquid used to steam or boil the cauliflower then use it instead of milk or cream.

To freeze dry cauliflower mashed potatoes, spread on freeze drying trays and process. To re-hydrate, add warm water and stir until it returns to its original consistency.

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Can you freeze dry raw cauliflower or does it need to be blanched. Can you make cauliflower “mashed potatoes” with freeze dried cauliflower that you process into a powder or do you need to make it into the “mashed potatoes” before freeze drying?

You can do it either raw or cooked. Blanching will normally maintain a little better color/flavor. Yes you can make “mashed potatoes” either way. Both will turn out great.

Thank you. I just got my freeze dryer last week so I am definitely a beginner. I have only done one batch so far, besides the initial one with the bread to help get rid of the “new car smell.” I bought some cauliflower a couple day ago just to try in the freeze dryer. Will probably do that this weekend.

Pulled cauliflower and brocolli from 2020 and they are brown in color. The seal in the mason jar is still tight. What has happened? Are they safe to eat?

Color can change if you put in a mason jar because of light. This is why high quality mylar or #10 cans are ideal for long term storage. They should still be safe to eat.

Does my frozen cauliflower rice need to be thawed before freeze drying? Or, do I just spread out the frozen “rice” on the trays?

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