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How to Package Freeze-dried Food So It Keeps For 25 Years

 Whether you are putting together long-term food storage or simply want to have garden-fresh fruits and vegetables all winter long, the key to successfully preserving food is proper packaging. After all, all the freeze-drying in the world won’t do you much good if your food is improperly stored in containers and packaging that don’t preserve […]

Tips for Storing and Sending Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-dried food is much lighter than normal food. It generally retains its original shape, but because all the moisture is removed, it’s practically weightless, which makes it easy to transport in an emergency and also simple to mail for dirt cheap. Freeze-dried food is also resistant to spoiling, but it can still go bad if […]

3 Creative Ways You Can Share Your Freeze-Dried Food

Believe us, once you’ve gotten a taste of freeze drying, you’ll want to share your creations with the world. Your perfectly preserved bites are your masterpiece, and everyone should get a chance to taste them. Luckily, there are a lot of easy ways you can share your creations with others. From putting together snack packs […]

Freeze-dried Ham Dinner

Freeze Drying and Rehydrating a Ham Dinner One of the things the home freeze-drying community is talking about is how simple it is to freeze dry and quickly rehydrate entire meals. This comes in handy in a true emergency, such as a power-outage or storm, and in life’s small emergencies, like when your child announces […]

Why You Should Choose Freeze Drying

Freeze Drying: The Best Preservation Method Last week we wrote about freeze drying vs. dehydrating as a method of food preservation. Regardless of preservation method it’s up against (whether it’s dehydrating, canning or even freezing in your regular freezer), freeze drying always comes out the clear winner.  Maybe the best argument for freeze drying, however, […]

Freeze-Dried Turkey Dinner Video

Freeze Drying and Rehydrating a Turkey Dinner Recently we made a short video to illustrate just how easy it is to freeze dry and rehydrate entire meals. In this video we’re freeze drying sliced turkey breast, gravy, corn and green beans – all in one run. We also prepared mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing in […]

Freeze-Dried Food Versus Dehydrated Food: What’s the Difference?

There’s a fairly common misconception that the terms “dehydrated food” and “freeze-dried food” are the same. Knowing the difference will help you decide how to store and preserve food for your family. History of Dried Foods With any type of food preservation, moisture needs to be removed from the food. Ancient civilizations discovered this and […]

Tips to Freeze-Dry Like a Pro

No matter what food you decide to freeze dry, there are some techniques that will make sure your food comes out exactly the way you want. Follow these tips to produce pretty, flavorful, and healthy freeze-dried snacks. Cut fruits and vegetables into evenly sized portions. If you plan to eat individual pieces one at a […]