Freeze-Dried Turkey Dinner Video

Freeze Drying and Rehydrating a Turkey Dinner

Recently we made a short video to illustrate just how easy it is to freeze dry and rehydrate entire meals. In this video we’re freeze drying sliced turkey breast, gravy, corn and green beans – all in one run. We also prepared mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing in a second run. Notice that you can stack the turkey slices like dominoes, you don’t have to lay every slice flat on the tray. Also notice that you can put more than one kind of food on a tray, and more than one kind of food in a freeze drying cycle. The flavors won’t mix.

At the end of the video you’ll see the food come out of the freeze dryer. See how it looks almost exactly like it did going in? Not only are the vibrant colors and natural textures preserved, the nutrition is also preserved. We packaged our meal in a Mylar bag with an oxygen absorber, and stored properly we could enjoy this meal up to 25 years later.

To rehydrate the turkey, we just dipped the slices in hot water and patted them dry. For the corn, beans, gravy, mashed potatoes and stuffing, we added hot water slowly until they were each reconstituted to the original consistency. Or, we could have boiled water in a pot on the stove and added green beans or corn right into our pot to reconstitute them. Of course, we got to enjoy the fruits of our labor after the video was done – and our turkey dinner tasted as if it all came out of the oven moments earlier.

Watch our video to see for yourself how easy it is to freeze dry and rehydrate entire meals. We warn you though, it may make you hungry!


Just watched the Turkey Dinner video and was wondering if you have to store all the same products together in separate Mylar bags or can you put all the parts to this dinner for service for one or two in one mylar bag. Example: Turkey (4 slices), mashed potatoes and gravy for 2 helpings, corn for two helpings and green beens for two servings in one mylar bag? How many services could one get in a mylar bag if the family were larger than two? I will search your site as I am not familiar with using mylar bags i.e how to fill it, add the Oxygen absorber, label, and seal bag then how it is best to store (in a box or a tin can?). Thanks. Very interesting technology. Noticed that in this video the cover was not placed over the front of the machine before starting the freeze dry process. Is this step no longer needed? How loud is this process and how often before having to change oil and maintenance?
Will continue to search your site as I suspect this has been mentioned at some point. Thanks Leo

Hi Leo,
To answer your questions…
1) You could mix different items in one mylar bag but you might have some of the items crumble a bit and mix together. However, some people do make a meal in a jar and layer the different items. Depending on the size of your bags, you could fit 2 to 4 servings together. Another option might be to take a larger mylar bag, cut it up into different pieces, put your serving size in the smaller bags and then seal them up into on bag.
2) Mylar bags can be storied on their own, or some people also like to store them in storage bins to keep mice away if it’s in a long-term storage area in your home.
3) Yes, you still should put the insulation pad into the freeze dryer, but in these situations, we like people to be able to see the food inside the freeze dryer, so we leave it out just for the video.
4) During the drying phase, the freeze dryer is about as loud as a dishwasher.
5) Oil should be changed about ever 10 uses.

The freeze dryer comes with a high quality vacuum pump that attaches to the unit. This vacuum pump needs the oil changed periodically. It’s rather simple. Please call one of our reps at 1-800-700-5508 and they can give you further details on this process.

Entered your $2000 off contest but was disappointed that I didn’t win. How often do you have this contest. I really want one of your machines but it is so pricey.

We typically do this type of contest every couple of months. We do have great 0% interest layaway and financing programs that are popular. You are welcome to call or inquire anytime.

Found this thread and figured I would resurrect it. My local grocery store had a post thanksgiving sale on TONS of turkeys @ 0.49/lb and I snagged a bunch of them. Sous vide the turkey whole in the bag it came in for 36 hours and had the most tasty,tender turkey of my whole life….need to try to go get more….on my third now. First run is freeze drying now, prepping large batches of gravy to go with it too 😛

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