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Storage Foods with No Preservatives

Preservatives are found in nearly all food today. Most consumers have to go out of their way to seek out products that don’t use chemical preservatives to help increase shelf life. This can present a problem for those interested in storing food long term, or who may not have access to traditional storage, like hikers […]

5 Must-Have Garden Gadgets

In the time of iPads and wi-fi, gardening may seem hopelessly old-fashioned. Some people associate it with sweaty skin and a sore back, but thanks to some low-tech garden gadgets, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Check out some simple gizmos that can make your day in the garden a little more productive and […]

Composting 101: How it Works

Most gardeners are vaguely familiar with the concept of composting, but what is it? How does it to help your plants? When a plant dies it decays where it falls. As it decays, it breaks down into basic nutrients and other plants use those nutrients. Essentially, composting breaks down those same organic materials in a […]

The Many Benefits of Social Gardens

Most of us can’t afford the acres of rolling farmland we imagine in daydreams, but combining resources can allow friends and neighbors to enjoy gardening activities – and fresh produce — with a minimal investment. While some neighborhoods have land set aside for official “community gardens”, a social or shared garden is more of an […]