Share an In-Home Freeze Dryer for Even More Savings

What Are the Advantages of an In-Home Freeze Dryer?
The benefits of having access to an in-home freeze dryer are many, and if you own an in-home freeze dryer yourself, you can spread those advantages around to the people you know, saving you even more money.
Freeze drying at home will help you spend less on food, save more of what you have, and keep a reliable supply of freeze dried fruit, meat, and vegetables–and even ice cream–on hand for when you need it. Freeze dried goods can last for years, stretching the grocery budget and ensuring that your family has a constant supply of fresh, non-processed food–even in an emergency.

A freeze dryer literally pays for itself in a matter of months, and you can maximize your return on investment by sharing it with friends.

Share it with Gardeners You Know
If you’ve got a garden, you can save all those veggies that might otherwise go to waste. Even if you’re not the gardening type, it’s been estimated that as much as 40% of food in the average home goes to waste. This can cost a family up to $2,000 each year. That’s a lot of money. Freeze dried foods are easy to store and maintain their nutritional value for years, not to mention the fact that you aren’t sentencing perfectly good food to the landfill.
Sharing Strategy: Make your freeze dryer available to your neighbors who also have gardens. Trade the use of your freeze dryer for a share of the garden goodies they preserve with your machine.

Share it with Organic Eaters
If you’re organically minded, then you know it can be expensive buying the good, fresh stuff every week. On top of that, organic foods tend to have shorter shelf lives, on account of containing fewer preservatives, which makes them even more likely to cost you extra if they go bad before you can eat them.
With an in-home freeze dryer, you can “get it while the getting’s good” and save those foods until you need them. You can preserve gallons of fresh, organic food for years, with none of the harmful preservatives commonly used in non-organic foods.

Sharing Strategy: Partner with some of your friends who also shop organic and have them bring their surplus to your place before it goes bad. After freeze drying those pricey organic foods, split the surplus. It would have gone to waste, anyway. Everybody wins.

Sharing Helps Your Investment Return to You
The advantages of freeze-drying are numerous, but the initial cost of the machine represents a big investment for most people. Sometimes it’s hard to make big investments, even when you know it will save you money in the long run. Just like your kindergarten teacher taught you, sharing might be the solution for you.
Maybe you associate with a group of people interested in maximizing their food supply or are part of a social gardening club. Ask around and see if your friends would be interested in the benefits of a shared freeze dryer. If you find someone who would be willing to share the initial costs, your shared in-home freeze dryer could pay for itself twice as fast than if you purchased it yourself!

Our freeze dryers are built for home use – it’s easy to share one between homes. Or keep it at your church, neighborhood community center or club so everyone has easy access. Consider renting it out it out to others who are interested in preserving their own fresh food, or share it with a non-profit, food bank or farm gleaning organization.


If you share a unit, would it be ok to move it from home to home or should it stay in one place and families that are sharing come to the unit?

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