5 Must-Have Garden Gadgets

In the time of iPads and wi-fi, gardening may seem hopelessly old-fashioned. Some people associate it with sweaty skin and a sore back, but thanks to some low-tech garden gadgets, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Check out some simple gizmos that can make your day in the garden a little more productive and a lot less painful:

Tractor Scoot

Too often a foray into the garden results in a sore back. All the standing, bending, and kneeling can take a toll on the body. Solve that problem with a Tractor Scoot. This fully adjustable, swiveling stool can be pulled along like a wagon until you need to have a seat, keeping you from kneeling and standing all day long.

Hula Hoe

Continuing in the theme of saving your back, the Hula Hoe is a much-needed tool for any gardener. Eliminate crawling around on all fours trying to pull up those stubborn weeds. Let the Hula do the work for you. Equipped with a sharp blade that skims below the surface and destroys roots, the Hula is a godsend for those who prefer to stay on their feet.

Garden Bag

A garden bag with special pockets for different tools means that you’re that much more organized. No more feeling around in the dirt trying to find those clippers that you just had a second ago. A well-designed bag means that all you have to do is pick it up and go, which is especially handy if you are working in a social garden that may not be right out your back door.

Coiling Hose

A hose is a hose, right? Wrong. This hose is one of the best garden gadgets to help you save time and potential frustration. Get yourself an auto-coiling hose, and you’ll find your cleanup that much easier. Coiling hoses give you plenty of range while eliminating the annoyance of chasing it all over the yard for cleanup.


The Hori-Hori, besides being fun to say, is a multi-purpose tool and must have for any gardener. Usually made from stainless steel, the Hori-Hori blade is wide for digging, while one side is serrated for cutting through tough roots. It can also be used as a measuring device for planting bulbs. By incorporating a trowel, a saw, and a knife into one unit, the Hori-Hori brings maximum efficiency to one tool.

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