Cost and Quality of Harvest Right vs Store-bought Freeze Dried Food

Don’t believe it when someone tells you that purchasing emergency food storage is more economical than freeze drying it yourself with a Harvest Right. It isn’t even close. When comparing the expense of freeze drying your own food to the cost of store-bought freeze dried foods, in-home freeze drying will cost as little as one-fifth as much. That means you could save $20 to $50 on each #10 (gallon) can equivalent that you freeze dry yourself.

The food you freeze dry in a Harvest Right is many times better than prepackaged emergency food. Home freeze dried food is not only higher quality because you choose it; but is also a much wider variety. Your home freeze dried food can include all your favorite meals, meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, and desserts. You can’t say that about store-bought freeze dried food. For more information, including a cost comparison chart, click here: Harvest Right vs Purchased Emergency Freeze Dried Food.

images of Harvest Right vs Purchased Emergency Freeze Dried Food


Does Harvest Right have any guide for drying times for certain foods? Sometimes I wonder if I customize the dryer for too much time.

There is a page in our Owner’s Manual that shows a list of popular foods and their approximate freeze, dry, and total batch times. Because portion size, thickness, water content, quantity, and cellular structure of food are all different, it’s only a reference for approximate batch times. When food is very dense, or pieces are large, it may require extra freeze time and/or dry time.

I dried some green beans and I hade one tray left so I filled it with dill pickle slices they were very salty but crisp. so I put them thru a mortar and pestel to grind them fine and put some on pop corn VERY GOOD. I will try the powder on other things that may need a little more flavor. fun to explore

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