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How the Drought Will Affect Food Prices

How the Drought Will Affect Food Prices Wondering how the drought will affect food prices? It depends on how much worse the drought gets, or so says the United States Department of Agriculture and Economic Research Service. (USDA ERS). According to their most current report, they predict the cost of eggs will rise (no surprise) […]

Using Freeze Dried Rhubarb

Joy! Rhubarb is in season. This week I bought a bunch in the grocery store just in time for a Memorial Day pie. I had to explain to the cashier what it was, and she still kept calling it “Roobark”. This exchange made me worry that my favorite vegetable was being overlooked by the next […]

Organizing a Prepper’s Pantry

Organizing an emergency pantry, whether it’s a shelf or a whole closet, can help you see what stores you have and what you need. Here are some inexpensive ideas for giving your pantry an organization makeover: Commercial Kitchen Shelving Wire racks from your local restaurant supply store are a fast, fairly inexpensive storage solution. If […]

Seasonal Eating with CSAs

A few years ago a friend joined our local  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group and couldn’t stop talking about it. Every Wednesday she’d get a big green canvas tote on her doorstep, filled to the top with fresh, in-season vegetables. “It’s like Christmas every week,” she said. I was skeptical that vegetables could be as […]

Reducing Food Waste

Earth Day is a good time to check in and see if we can reduce our dependence on things that are either bad for the environment or things that require significant energy or resources to produce. Everyone thinks of plastic first, and we absolutely should be reducing our reliance on single-use plastics. However, reducing food […]

Drought-tolerant Vegetables

For gardeners, Spring is usually an exciting time. West Coast gardeners, however, are facing more months of drought which likely will mean water rationing. Not so exciting. The truth is, drought can happen any time, in any geography, and can last for years. Even if you’re gardening in a region that isn’t experiencing drought, it […]