Say Hello to the Harvest Right Pro

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We are excited to introduce our newest model of home freeze dryers – the Harvest Right Pro.

  • Greater Food Capacity
  • New Top-of-the-line Components
  • Industrial Pump Included ($795 value)
  • Increased Customer Support
  • All for the same affordable price as previous models!

The Harvest Right Pro takes all the benefits from our previous best-selling models and adds the latest improvements that we’ve discovered through continuing research and customer feedback. It is also exciting that all these improvements have been made to the Harvest Right Pro without increasing the overall price of the units.

The first thing that makes these new freeze dryers amazing is their increased capacity. We have increased the drying space of each freeze dryer by adding an additional shelf to every unit! Small freeze dryers now come with 4 trays instead of 3. The medium units have 5 trays. Large units have 6 trays and our extra large freeze dryers now have 7 trays. The additional tray increases the capacity of the small freeze dryers by 33% percent! And the large by 20%. The small freeze dryer now has almost as much capacity as the medium freeze dryer had prior to these changes and the medium freeze dryer almost has the capacity of the previous large.  

The next benefit of our state-of-the-art freeze dryers is faster freeze drying and higher quality food. The freeze-drying process in these units is outstanding and significantly better than any other freeze dryer. The new electronics and updated software combine to allow food to be freeze-dried faster as well as more carefully and accurately. The Pro units freeze colder because of our newly patented vacuum-freeze process and they apply the correct amount of heat to each tray during the drying phase. The food freezes and dries faster yet comes out looking better.

Every freeze dryer comes with an industrial-grade vacuum pump at no additional cost to you. This pump is up to 30% more powerful than previous pumps. This power allows the pump to pull a vacuum faster and lower. This pump combined with upgraded electronics and patented processes, reduces the overall freeze dry batch times significantly.

Our years and years of being the leader in home freeze drying has allowed us to know the very best way to design freeze dryers. These new freeze dryers have all been upgraded with the top-of-the-line components needed to achieve the very best freeze-drying results. New components, such as solid state relays, commercial drain valves, and electrical inlets improve the reliability and life of the Harvest Right Pro.

Our new electronics and software also cause the units to be more affordable to run. The Harvest Right Pro uses less electricity than previous models.  

Last, but just as important. In the past few months, Harvest Right has significantly improved its customer support. Besides providing trained technicians who can help diagnose most issues over the phone, we now have 6,000 technicians in 1600 locations who can be dispatched to your homes and businesses, when needed. These technicians are in every state. 

When it comes to freeze drying, trust the experts. We have been the leader in home freeze drying for 10 years! Our classic best-selling freeze dryers are great, we just built upon those to make the Harvest Right Pro even better. We have been, and will always be, dedicated to providing the best freeze dryers at an affordable price, with the very best components, software, and customer support.

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We have an older version of medium size with 4 trays, I would like to have bigger ones and newest model, because I really like to have food supplies not only for winter but also for unforeseen cases. freeze drying is the best way to prepare food supplies, first of all, you save time, preserve vitamins and you can keep all the food on the shelf. What could be better?! very important is that the fruits and vegetables prepared in this way have a wonderful taste, even our friends’ children, who do not like vegetables, eat freeze dried vegetables with pleasure. The best gift from my husband to me was the Harvest Right freeze dryers.

Hi Kimberly,
Have you been successful in upgrading a large freeze dryer? I am disappointed a little bit to have just purchased about two months ago and they didn’t mention new models coming out that are more energy efficient. 🙁
Here’s to hoping we can upgrade. 🙂
Thanks for your tips!

They have a layaway plan. You make the down payment and pay as you can. If you make the down payment during a sale, it preserves the sale price.
Call Customer Service Sales and they will set you up. That is how I got mine.

Hello, i recently placed a unit on layaway and have only paid the initial fee. Is there a way to change that order to the new pro?

yes, Mine is on layaway and they changed it to the new one. They stated that is the only one they have available is the new models.

We have a freeze dried candy business that’s really taking off and we could really use a 3rd machine to up our production. We already have two other harvest right machines that we absolutely love!

I too am interested to know if we can swap out the tray holder for the 5 tray (we have the medium) – also can our software be upgraded? Do you make cool carts that fit the Harvest Right freeze dryer? We bought one – but it’s bigger than we need…would prefer one just the right size

There are two things I would like to see on the extra large machine.
1. An oiless pump.
2. A 220v system.
I have these on your large size machine and love it.

I would love to test the new one out for an honest and awesome review. I’d give our medium to our first responder son since he’s wanting one now for prepping.

with RECONCILIATION on the rise – the awareness – and what our people went through and how we are trying our best to be at the point where everyone is

I would like to experiement and see if I am able to freeze dry our food preserving for the winter months. As it is the power lines are down most frequently during the winter months and the windy days – constantly loosing our winter supplies –

We have had the medium model for two years and love it. During harvest season it is running full time. Looking forward to converting to 5 trays.

Hi. The new Harvest Right Pro is beautiful.
We’ve just received ours and look forward to installing it. Just one question. The power cord has a plug we haven’t encountered before, with three prongs like the usual plugs but with the prongs orientated differently. Is this plug for a 20 amp source? Can we use an adaptor for this plug?
Thanks very much!

If you ordered a large, you need to have a dedicated 20AMP circuit for it with that different plug. You cannot safely try to use an adapter with it.

I have had mine for a year. I love this machine. I have had a minor software issue, it was easily fixed by customer service. They were prompt with replying. Very happy

Is the 5 tray only on the newest Pro version. I have ordered one from Tractor Supply, it has 5 trays but neither the website or box state its a Pro version?

How can I ensure I am getting the latest Pro model. FYI, I also contacted Harvest Right to try and verify part the manufacturing part given on Tractor Supply website, but the Harvest Right representative stated they have no manufacturing part number I can use to verify?

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