We’re serious preppers and 90% of our food preps are freeze dried. Freeze drying is, imo, the best and most effective method of prepping food. Less storage needed, longer shelf life, low water needs for reconstitution, and sturdy packaging.

Last yr I realized that, being diabetic, I’d probably be dead 3-6 mos into whatever problem happened that we lost insulin. No matter how much I prepped.

I decided that wasn’t very preppery so I set out to change it. I found a program using ketogenic eating to reverse diabetes.

A bit over a year later, A1C went from 9.7 to 5.4, all my lipids are in normal ranges, I’m completely off all diabetic meds (I was on 2 insulins and 4 other pills) plus I’ve lost 97# so far.

This was a lifestyle change, not a diet, and it’s real keto, not the grocery store marketing BS. I have to continue eating like this or the diabetes will just come back. My body simply does not do well with even average carbs.

Unfortunately, much of my previous preps were freeze dried pasta-based or other things I can no longer eat.

I’m determined to prep my own keto and replace all my old food preps. That’s going to take serious time and effort and, since I’m not rich, my own freeze dryer.

So. It’s a situation of high importance for me, especially given what’s going on in our country right now, so I do feel a certain urgency but because of those aforementioned issues, our savings is draining away and I simply cannot manage to save up to buy a freeze dryer.

Switching focus a little, I’m a member of several prepper groups online plus I run my own prepper forum. My diabetes reversal story and my quest to reprep appropriate foods to keep diabetes away is, in my opinion, a strong marketing opportunity for y’all.

I think we could do each other some serious good so please consider my entry for your contest.

That is such a hectic situation that I’m sure many others will not be prepped for. I truly hope you win this freeze dryer. You have a much greater need for it than most.

Love our large freeze dryer. Definitely could keep two going through harvest. Would love one just for savory like onions peppers and garlic.

Thank you to everyone that sent congratulations the dryer is awesome first batch came out flawless!!! Thank you harvest right for picking my name!!! If you’re in the market for a freeze dryer you will absolutely love Harvest Right!!!!!

Congratulations on your win Gary. I want one of these freeze dryers really bad. I can’t get one at this time but I am entering the next contest in hopes of winning like you did.

Congratulations, Gary, so happy for you! This sounds like a wonderful product🥰 I have done dehydrating before, but sounds much better! Would love to have one, but not within our budget! Thank you for considering us!

Gary, God bless you! I hope you enjoy using your dry freezer! My husband told me that he’ll get one for me.. we’ll see when that happens 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyways, you’ve got yours – enjoy! 😆

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