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Winner of a Large Freeze Dryer

Congratulations to Bruce F.! He is the winner of a large Harvest Right freeze dryer! Want your chance to win? Enter our new giveaway here! 2nd place Winner: Carol D. from Tennessee won $1200 toward the purchase of a freeze dryer. 3rd place Winner: Keely M. from Missouri won $500 toward the purchase of a freeze dryer.

Winner of a Small Freeze Dryer

Congratulations to Cara S.! She is the winner of a small Harvest Right freeze dryer. “We are a growing family that enjoys hunting, fishing and serving the Lord. We have just begun to turn our 1.25 acre into a “hobby farm” where we can teach our children to live sustainably. We’re raising our first beef […]

Winner of a Medium Freeze Dryer

Congratulations to Ryan! He is the winner of a medium Harvest Right freeze dryer. Ryan is a native of the Pacific Northwest and currently resides with his wife, Kari, and their children, on a homestead on the Palouse, a region spreading between eastern Washington and the lower half of North Idaho. He has a podcast called […]