I always dreamed about this freezing machine ..I’m save from my summer tips for this machine:)) hope one day the god will I’ll choose me 🙂 I think this is the smartest machine I ever see in my life ..I always tell to people to get this if they have chance 🤞🏻Congratulations to Aaron 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Congrats!!! You are extremely lucky, hopefully, one I will be too. 🙂 Enjoy your new freeze dryer. And, thanks to harvest right for doing the give ways.

Congratulation Aron, have fun playing with your new toy. So jealous right now lol. Bbest wishes Teresa

Thank you all for your comments. My wife and I feel very blessed! Thank you Harvest Right for this wonderful opportunity. Your products are amazing! We are thankful for your generosity and excited to be the recipients of this prize. Becky Dial has been very pleasant to work with and she is an excellent representative of your first class company! Thank you all again and God bless!

What a wonderful gift you have been given ,it will be so very useful during this terrible pandemic of covid-19. You will be one of the many hero’s helping others by using this Freeze Dryer to extend the food supply for some.

Happy for you and I’ll keep dreaming. Wishing my six children would get excited and purchase a family one. Then I could do the prep and….what a wonderful appliance.

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