Winner of a Small Freeze Dryer

Cara S. Winner of a Small Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Congratulations to Cara S.! She is the winner of a small Harvest Right freeze dryer.

We are a growing family that enjoys hunting, fishing and serving the Lord. We have just begun to turn our 1.25 acre into a “hobby farm” where we can teach our children to live sustainably. We’re raising our first beef steer and look forward to venturing into adding chickens and raising our own fruits and vegetables. We praise God for our many blessings, which includes blessing us through Harvest Right with this freeze dryer.

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Would love to have a small freeze dryer am single and sometimes making the purchase of items in bags or bunches is a waste of money…but if I could freeze dry the unused portion it would nit go to waste and therefore save me a great deal of money.

Dear Cara and family, you seem so very deserving of this wonderful product, and I hope you enjoy it, benefit from its many uses, and remain well and happy! God bless you!

That’s awesome.
Can I enter again for a chance of being blessed with a Harvest Right machine. 🙏

Congratulations to you 3 !! You all have the same smile I hope to have some day receiving my Harvest Right 😁😁😁 Again Congratulations and enjoy Lucky’s 👍👍👍

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