Buying a Freeze Dryer Was a Lifesaver

Harvest Right began selling home freeze dryers because we wanted to provide a tool that could help people improve their lives. There are many ways a freeze dryer can improve a person’s life. A freeze dryer easily creates an emergency food supply, preserves extra garden produce, provides healthy snacks, and is a great way to save on food costs by not letting leftovers go to waste.

Harvest Right freeze dryer owner Laurie C. of Holyoke, MN, states in a Moose Lake Star Gazette article that for her “buying a freeze dryer was a lifesaver.” 

Laurie has always been into canning and dehydrating but she bought her first freeze dryer in 2017 and now has two. Both freeze dryers run constantly. Freeze drying produce from her garden and fruit trees helps provide the nutrition that keeps Laurie and her family healthy. She has even kept her dog energetic by feeding it freeze-dried treats.

Laurie understands there are people who believe in hoarding food and supplies in the event of a natural disaster. Those people are known as preppers, and they prepare for a time when food sources are scarce and they need stores of food and other supplies to survive.

“I am a prepper at heart,” said Carlson. “People prepare for a disaster. It could even be a financial disaster. Having food on hand is a back-up.”

She recently turned her passion of freeze drying into a small business and sells her extra freeze-dried food to others – mostly hunters and backpackers. The freeze-dried foods are lighter in weight and easier to carry.

She also makes doggy treats by freeze drying carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. The dog treats are such a good seller that it is hard for her to keep up with the demand.

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