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This week we launched our new website and we’re pretty excited to share it with you. We’ve added tons of new photos, downloadable content and tips, as well as the science of freeze drying. For example, check out our Why it’s Better page and learn how and why freeze drying trumps every other food preservation method. You’ll learn about nutrition, cost savings, storage, food quality and how you too can reduce food waste. Then, read our How it Works page for the science behind freeze-dryers. There’s an interesting video and some fascinating history of commercial freeze drying.

One of our favorite new pages has to be Will it Freeze Dry…? Just scroll over a category like Meat, Vegetables, Dairy and more to see a list of foods that you can freeze dry. Be sure to scroll all the way down the page for beautiful pictures of food we’ve freeze dried ourselves! If you have a freeze dry story to share, click the Submit Story button at the bottom of that page to show and tell us what you’re freeze drying at home. We’ve found that other freeze dry fans love hearing stories from others – so don’t be shy!

Click the Built to Save link to learn how freeze drying saves your money, your health and the nutrition in your food.

Of course, right on our homepage you’ll find informative videos on how to the process works, how freeze drying compares to canning, freezing and dehydrating, and tips for freeze drying foods you probably didn’t know you could freeze dry, like eggs! Here you can also download a comprehensive PDF article that answers the most common questions about food preservation and how the invention of freeze drying has changed the way that people preserve food today. One last bit of exciting new information to share: Now our freeze dryers come in gorgeous colors to fit any kitchen decor! Don’t leave our site without browsing the new selections.

If you’re interested in emergency preparedness, gardening, or both, be sure to check out information on our geodesic greenhouses. We’ve added interesting real-life stories of how families are using their Harvest Right greenhouses for a variety of practical purposes. On this page you’ll learn how to pick the right size for your needs and how our greenhouses outperform other types of greenhouses.

We hope you have fun discovering our new site. We love your feedback, as always, please share what you think!


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