Saving Summer

freeze dried food in jars

I think the last harvest of summer fruits and veggies taste so good because I know it will be a long time before I get another perfect tomato sandwich or handful of sun-warmed berries off the bush in the back yard. I always freeze dry the last bit of my summer harvest and save it for the darkest day in January. When the snow is piled up to the windows, it’s dark at 4:00 (or the power is out) and I don’t think I can eat any more root vegetable soup, I open a jar from that last harvest.  I can almost taste the sunshine – and that little treat gets me through the few weeks left of winter.

Freeze drying preserves the taste of food, right down to the very essence of the flavor. It also preserves nutrients so I’m able to get variety even in winter months – which is so important! The last of the juicy, sweet fruits and vegetables are coming in from the fields. Whether you freeze dry them and eat them right out of the jar or you save them for recipes or treats, do yourself a favor and store up a little sunshine for the long winter days.

raspberries on a tray

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