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Easy Setup

Patent-pending design makes our portable greenhouses easy to put up and take down. The 24’ diameter dome can be set up in just two to three hours with one or two people. No tools required!

Low Cost

High quality, yet less than half the price per square foot of growing space compared to similar greenhouses.

High Quality Materials

Greenhouse and shelter struts are made of high quality aircraft aluminum. Our greenhouse comes with a 5-year warranty (includes everything: cover, poles, windows, etc.) and should last for 10 or more years.

Weather Resistant

The geodesic shape of the greenhouse can withstand winds up to 100mph, plus all types of inclement and hot weather.

Stronger Frame

Geodesic domes have great strength because they distribute load throughout all structure members. The rounded shape deflects wind and allows snow to slide off.

Maintains Temperature

The dome shape allows for superior air circulation, removing the possibility of cold corners, such as those found in rectangular greenhouses and shelters.

More Room to Grow

A geodesic structure provides the most volume for the least amount of surface area, you save energy, material costs and labor. Large amounts of food can be grown vertically in a geodesic greenhouse with the least amount of energy waste.

one family’s story

This is Jared’s garden. In February of 2015, Jared and his family set up their Harvest Right greenhouse. They wanted to get an early start on their gardening season. Jared gathered his seeds and worked diligently to get little starter plants. As the weather got warmer, he thought he’d transplant his tomato plants into his regular garden. But, at the last minute, he decided to keep some of his tomato plants inside his greenhouse and see how they did. He knew the ambient temperature might help them to grow in the greenhouse. But, much to his surprise, the tomato plants in the greenhouse grew incredibly faster than the ones outside. In fact, the plants inside his greenhouse grew so tall that they towered over Jared and started producing fruit long before the ones in his regular garden. He was so excited to increase his growing season and his total harvest that he’s already planning the things he’s going to plant this winter.

Pick the size that’s best for your needs

16′ Diameter

  • Enough fresh produce for 4-8 people
  • 202 square feet growing space
  • Additional vertical growing space
  • 2,995
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24′ Diameter

  • Enough Fresh Produce for 8-14 People
  • 452 square feet growing space
  • Additional vertical growing space
  • 3,995
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32′ Diameter

  • Enough Fresh Produce for 16-20 People
  • 775 square feet growing space
  • Additional vertical growing space
  • 5,995
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Now that your garden is growing,
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