Stray Vegetables Welcome Here

sliced freeze dried tomatoes

My neighbor’s tomato plants are having one last hurrah before retiring for the winter. Tomatoes aren’t known for their long shelf life so she put out an S.O.S., which I was glad to respond to. Yes, you can freeze dry tomatoes and they are amazing in soups and salads, or tossed with fresh mozzarella and freeze dried basil. While everyone is busy giving away garden extras that will spoil, I’m busy making soup kits that will last all winter (or for years if needed). Extra zucchini? Bring ’em over.



What is the consistency of reconstituted lettuces and other leafy greens? I guess I have the same question for other fruits or vegetables that have a “crisp” texture when eaten fresh?

They are definitely best when added to a soup or powdered for a smoothie. They don’t come back to life quite as crunchy when water is added back in. But, you can also choose to eat them without rehydrating and they are delicious. You can contact us at 1-800-700-5508 and talk to one of our reps about getting samples.

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