Freeze Drying Protein

Freeze drying protein is so important for several reasons, the first one being that in an emergency you can’t live on freeze dried pudding drops, as much fun as that would be. Freeze drying protein also allows you to take advantage of bulk sales and co-op meat shares without worrying about freezer burn.

Freeze drying protein is so easy – you can even fill each one of the four trays with a different kind of food so you have an instant variety of stored protein. You can freeze dry any kind of meat, plus eggs and seafood. When you’re ready to serve, just reconstitute them using water. You can use freeze dried proteins in recipes, but you can also use them as-is. Remember, freeze drying just removes water and leaves all the flavor and nutritional content. It’s all still in there!

We freeze dried these shrimp, reconstituted them with water, then dipped them in cocktail sauce and polished off the pan immediately. So good!

To learn more about freeze drying proteins watch our video that addresses many of the questions about how to freeze dry meat.

Freeze Dry Your Protein Foods

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As long as you put a good oxygen absorber in your mylar bag, you do not need to store any freeze dried food in the freezer. It will be shelf stable as long as the oxygen is removed.

Not really. Fat doesn’t freeze dry well. You should try to remove as much of it as possible in order to get the longest possible shelf life.

I just watched the protein instructions video. Good Job, terrific lady, God is good to me over and over, and 58 years ago He sent me a terrific girl to ask me to the church youth group, I fell like a rock. I am a very plain man, and one of Gods flowers, much like the lady (another one, you only can pick one, but they are all beautiful) in the video., picked me. I did borrow and splurge on my Harvestright, but I believe in it and you. Thanks, Walt

Break down and buy one, especially on the January special, and provide your loved ones safe, good stored food, especially in todays world. I am emptying 3 freezers of food that I could not process fast enough this summer for everyday and future use. In 10 years it will be as fresh and good as it is today. Walt

I have discovered that you can Freeze Dry RAW Bacon! Of course, it has a LOT of fat, but what you get does not feel greasy at all- it is very similar to other meats that have been freeze dried. A very small amount of water returns it to it’s original rubbery consistency and it cooks (and microwaves) perfectly, the same as bacon that has never been freeze dried. Amazing! BACON!

Is it OK if the bacon is a little warm after freeze drying it? I’m not sure if I freeze dried it too long or not long enough.

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