Creating a Winter Emergency Food Storage Plan

Well, as they say, Winter is Coming. The last two winters were brutal in nearly every state of the Union – even those without snowfall saw record colds and even some ice. Predictions are that this winter will be dangerously cold and that every state where it can snow, it will snow. Snow and cold mean power outages, trouble getting to the grocery store, and interruptions in food supply chains. In the past we had to rely on whatever we had in cans or had canned ourselves during the summer. If you are a home canner or rely on canned food in an emergency, you know that means limited variety. With a freeze dryer, you can have anything you want in your emergency stash!

freeze dried food in jars

Right now is the time to get started on your own freeze dried emergency food supply so your family can weather any winter storm without overdosing on peanut butter sandwiches. Freeze dried food can last up to 25 years, so your winter storm stash will be there for you whenever you need it. One of the best ways to build up a stash is to double your dinner recipes and freeze dry the extra portions. That way you have entire entrees that just need water. Be sure to freeze dry some fruits for vitamin C and don’t forget the fun treats (like gummy bears)!

freeze dried grapes spilling out of a jarFreeze-dried gummy bears

Wondering what you can freeze dry? Check out our Will it Freeze Dry? page!


How do you seal the jars? I also know you can use Mylar bags, but even mountain house says their Mylar lasts 7-10 years. How can I freeze dry at home and get 25years?

No recipe. We use the Black Forest brand gummy bears (we get ours in a large bag from Costco) and then set them out on the freeze dryer tray and run them through the normal freeze dryer process. They come out light and airy like this photo shows them. We say they are a bit of a mix between pop rocks and a jolly rancher.

Please address the question about mylar bags. Do they really only last for 7 to 10 years? How long will food sealed in jars last?

If it has an oxygen absorber and is stored in a cool, dark place, then it should last as long as 25 years as well.

How long will food last if I steal them in a vacuum seal unit? Sometimes I only need it stored for a season or two. I also camp a lot and it would be a great way to pack it in.

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