Freeze Drying vs. Dehydrating: Which is Better?

freeze dried apples next to dehydrated applesOf the food preservation methods, freeze drying and dehydrating seem similar, but they are actually very different processes. Dehydrating only removes some of the water from food, so dehydrated food often has a short shelf life and a sometimes a thicker, chewy-type texture. freeze dried bananas next to dehydrated bananasFreeze drying on the other hand removes nearly all of the water from food, often leaving a crisp, crunchy texture. Freeze dried food has a shelf life of up to 25 years (compared to about 1 to 4 years even with the best packaged dehydrated foods). Take a look at our comparison photos – which looks more like the original food? The crunchy freeze-dried bananas, grapes and apples on the left or the chewy dehydrated fruits on the right?

It’s surprising to see these foods side-by-side, isn’t it? They don’t even look like the same thing!

freeze dried grapes next to dehydrated grapesFreeze drying preserves much more of the nutrients and taste of your favorite foods because it removes the water from the food when it’s between -30 to -50 degrees. Plus, the process makes it easy to preserve large pieces of food, dairy products and even entire meals – something that isn’t even possible with even the most advanced dehydration methods.

Freeze drying with a home freeze dryer is so easy. Just fill the trays, press Start, and let it run. Preserving your favorite foods, saving money and reducing food waste couldn’t be easier.


I’m very interested in freeze drying but would love to sample before investing. I’ve been dehydrating fruits and vegetables for years now but have read that more nutritional benefit s are gain through freeze drying. Can you direct me to who I can sample product from. Thank you.

Is there any benefit to partially dehydrating food before freeze drying it? Is there less wear on the freeze dryer if the food has less moisture in it at the beginning of the process?

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