The Super Bowl and Harvest Right: An All-Star Lineup!

This weekend is the big game.  You know… the Super Bowl! It ranks right up there with Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July for food sales, but if you are like me, there won’t be a lot of extra shopping. Instead, I will be diving into my already prepared stash, and grabbing some game-worthy snacks.

Swedish meatballs, you say? Absolutely! I freeze dried a couple trays of them a while back, and I quartered the meatballs for easy rehydration. Start them a little early in the crock pot, and they will be ready on time.

Did someone say salsa and guacamole? Yes, I have those!!  Ok, so I probably need some chips. That goes on the grocery list. I have taco meat made with my special homemade taco seasoning. I have sour cream. I have shredded cheese. Those will be some awesome nachos!

I could add some chili-dog casserole. My family loves it, and it never lasts very long. I even have the aforementioned cheese that I can top it with.

Reuben sliders might be an option. I have corned beef and kraut in the stash. I could add those little Hawaiian Rolls, swiss cheese, and Thousand Island to the list. I love brining my own corned beef, and fermenting kraut, but you don’t have to. Just freeze dry what you use. 

One always needs some sweets, too. I currently have apple straws, peaches, strawberries, cheesecake bites, ice cream sandwiches, and some candy. I think that is covered.

Not only will we have a lovely spread, but those who aren’t in the know will have a hard time deciding what has been freeze dried and what hasn’t. 

My grocery list is no bigger this week than last week or the week before. My Harvest Right smooths out the bumps and keeps me on budget while building a food storage that works for the everyday situations (like ball games and crowds) just as well as the abnormal times (like layoffs or short paychecks).

If you don’t have a Harvest Right, what better reason do you need than a Super Bowl crowd? Now is the time to check out these amazing machines, and the awesome plans they have to help you get one. You will be joining an elite, small group of people who really love food and food preservation. Next year, you can pick your menu from your stash, too.


I love freeze drying chili and spaghetti! They re hydrate beautifully and fairly quickly too!
Could you guys add a recipe section with freeze drying tips for some of they trickier dishes like certain desserts. So far I have not had too much trouble with the ones I have freeze dried, but new recipes are always a plus! I love my freeze dryer, especially once I got the hang of using it. It wasn’t hard to use, just a few little quirks on the older model. I love, love, love ,love your product!! I just wished I had freeze dried MORE items before My current kitchen renovation . That would have been very handy! Thank you.

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