Freeze Dried Vacation Meals

macaroni and cheese

Are you thinking about Spring Break or summer vacation? We are! Part of the fun of traveling is trying new restaurants, but the fun wears off after too many salty, high-fat, high-dollar meals. Traveling with your own healthy meals and snacks will save you tons of money, time, and calories. Here are some of our favorite ways to prepare for trips and vacations using a home freeze dryer:

Road Trips

Whether you’re driving to the beach or trekking in your RV, freeze dried meals and road snacks are life savers. For long car trips, freeze dry fruit to mix with nuts for a crunchy, protein-packed trail mix. If you want a little indulgence, add freeze dried mini-marshmallows to the mix. If you’re headed out for a longer adventure in your motor home, freeze dry your favorite breakfasts, lunches, and dinners ahead of time. You’ll save valuable storage space on board, and you’ll eliminate frequent stops or trips to the grocery. (Don’t forget to freeze dry plenty of campfire snacks to share with new friends!)


Space is at a premium on boats, so having your food stash away flat and out of the way will keep the cooler space free for clean ice and drinks. You can freeze dry lunch meat, veggie chips, and fruit for refreshing lunches on the water. Veggie chips and fruit are delicious without being re-hydrated, and freeze dried ice cream tastes heavenly after a hot day of fishing and swimming.

freeze dried bananas in a jar

Long Flights

Flying the friendly skies? Avoid no-so-friendly airline food (and fees) by taking your own meals. Most long flights are best endured with several rounds of small snacks instead of large meals, so think quick snacks or small bites instead of full entrees. Pack small portions of freeze dried macaroni and cheese, chili, or your favorite entrees in a Tupperware container. On the plane, as the attendant for a cup of hot water. Re-hydrate right in the bowl by adding hot water. If you’re flying overnight, don’t forget to pack breakfast. Warning: when you break out homemade scrambled eggs with vegetables and sausage, your seat mate may become your new best friend.

One other important reason to take along your own freeze-dried meals and snacks when you travel this year: If you’ve worked all winter to lose holiday weight and clean up your diet, taking your meals with you when you travel can keep you on track with your weight loss maintenance plan and feeling great besides.


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