Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review

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Are you on the fence about purchasing a freeze dryer? Here is a review from one of our customers that may help you decide. It’s a little long, but very informational, and well worth the read. It even includes a few tips for the beginner. Read the full review here:

“In this review I cover what you get with your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer purchase, how it works, pros and cons, costs, and tips and tricks to help you make in informed buying decision. It’s by far the best purchase I’ve ever made in terms of value received in just over 1 year’s usage.

If you have every intention of…saving yourself thousands of dollars purchasing freeze dried food to store for a rainy day, bad storm, power outage, or the next zombie apocalypse, then this machine is great buy for you.

It is the BEST investment I’ve ever made, bar none. I encourage family and friends to purchase a unit of their own. …You’ll no longer have to buy food you really don’t want to eat, store it in the back of your garage for years only to find that it’s ruined due to heat, pests, or water. This machine is the wave of the future for food storage and I look forward to seeing you join in for the ride.”

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It was well worth the wait!! My order was placed in begging of March and didn’t receive it until mid April because of such a high demand . Instructions for used were not very explicit , but once I went to YouTube and did some research I found want I was looking. Machine works fantastic, although it’s noisy I would recommend dedicating it to a separate room far from any activity. Great investment and I sure you will love it .

I would like to say thank you to everyone in the Harvest Right Family, and a personal shout out to Brent in sales & Whitney in the support team.
The service I have received has been above and beyond.
I have a large and medium FD both received this month without a gritch and the support to make this a smooth transaction

I just received my medium Harvest Right Freeze Dryer a couple days ago. So far I’ve ran a vacuum test and freeze dried a loaf of bread to see how the machine would work. I’m currently freeze drying some sweet corn and okra. I Love 💕 my HR freeze dryer. I did a lot of research and watched a lot of YouTube videos before buying.
There were some reviews that made me a little nervous, but I’m happy to report my experience with HR has been amazing! Let me start with customer service. Scott Neville took my order for the medium freeze dryer. He was knowledgeable, friendly and told me what to expect. I received an immediate email with the details of the transaction, videos and a promotional gift. He even asked me to keep his email in case I had any questions. My freeze dry arrived approximately one week after I placed the order and in excellent condition. ( that’s right one week) Can I just say it one more time, I Love 💕 my HR freeze dryer. I’m looking forward to freeze drying eggs, meat, vegetables, fruit and bone broth. I’m so happy with this purchase! Harvest Right does things Right.

Their customer service is exceptional! I contacted customer support and received a response within hours from Kennedy. Sent me a link on how to reprogram my touch screen and we are back up and running! Thank you so much!!

I bought my Harvest Right several years ago and have never had any problems with my unit. During the summer I do vegetables and fruit as they are ready for harvest from my garden. So far this summer, I have freeze-dried 30 large mylar bags of vegetables and fruit. This winter I will work on candy and meals.
I highly recommend a freeze-dryer for anyone who wants to put away a lot of food storage that tastes as good as the day it was fresh from the garden.

We love our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. I have been running it nonstop since we purchased it 5 months ago. When we had a problem with the new update, customer service was great to work with and gave us the authorization code to get our FD up and going again. Freeze drying is a great way to store food whether to use for camping and hiking, general food preservation, food shortages or emergencies.

I am glad I invested in the freeze dryer. It is user friendly and when needed the customer service and tech support have been very helpful in addressing any issues I had. Highly recommend the freeze dryer for your food preservation needs.

I absolutely love this machine and the company behind it. After a few hiccups, problem resolved with the great help of their technicians. With todays food prices soaring, this little machine helps me preserve my favorite fruits and veggies in season without waste and many other items. I’ve done candies for Holidays, cheeses & sour cream just to name a few. My freezers are full of trays ready to run. I highly recommend the company and the products it backs.

LOVE my large HR freeze dryer💕💕💕 It’s running almost daily. Wish we hadn’t waited so long to get it. We grow organic produce and sell at a local farmers market — my customers are so amazed by our HR!!

Iam extremely pleased with the service I recieved from HarvestRight. The website reqest for help was a quick responce. My rep was helpful, polite and patient! I am a 70 year old, female, widow, and live alone. And I fixed it!! Over the phone, the rep and i had to try different tests to see what was wrong. Thanks to the “smart technology” installed on the machine it was quick remedy and I am back to making treats for my grandkids.

I love my Harvest Right. Easy set up and great customer service. I can freeze my organic food when in season and it is so much easier than canning. I especially like doing fruit. Great investment.

Freeze Dryer is amazing. I already want another one for my business. And you would be surprised how the simplest things come out tasting so delicious and yet different from before they’re froze. Will buy another one in the future.

I love my large Harvest Right! So much variety on what you can freeze dry from soup to condiments, from candy to meals. Everything maintains it’s color and nutrients. It sits on a shelf and does not take up space in my freezer. No regrets and actually considering a second one to freeze dry more at a time.

I absolutely love my HarvestRight Freeze Dryer. I freeze dry everything from Bananas to Meals. I give freeze dried items to my family and friends as gifts. I wish I would have purchased a Large vs. a Medium.

We have a medium Harvest Right Freeze dryer and loving it. We had a vacuum error and Jenn did a great job helping us resolve the issue with a software update.

Amazing customer service! I had some difficulty with getting my freeze dryer up and running, but my service rep, Jennifer, was fantastically helpful, supportive, and patient. I highly recommend HarvestRight!

My experience with Harvest Right is unsurpassed. I had difficulty starting out but Madysen with customer service supported me thru all my issues and everything worked out wonderfully!! This company stands behind their products and treats their customers with the utmost respect! I am a happy customer !!!

I recently had the opportunity to use the Harvest Right freeze dryer, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in every way! From preserving the bounty of my garden to creating delicious, long-lasting snacks, this appliance has truly been a game-changer.

I feel Harvest right makes a great product and their service department with Madysen very knowledgeable. Very friendly and helpful.

Harvest Right is a FIVE STAR COMPANY! Their products, Owner Scott and everyone there are excellent . I am a return customer about to order my third dryer. Their customer service is exceptional as are their products. Highly recommend them

As a family of ten ,we love to have freeze dried snacks around. I was having trouble with vacuum issues and a great technician helped me through the process of getting it running again. Our favorite so far is apples and strawberries,I’m looking forward to doing some herbs and vegetables this year.

Myfamily .ade the decision to invest in a small harvest right. A year later, I’ve had mine going 24/7 and I haven’t had a single issue with it. I’ve been able to save so much food that would normally be thrown away and able to stock up on food when I see sales saving us so much money. I’m so in love with this machine!

We absolutely love our harvest right pro – medium. This is a power house! We are really enjoying having zero food waste, an emergency supply, food for camping and trips as well as fun candy snacks to share with our family and friends. The customer service we have received has far surpassed any and all experiences we have had with any company we have ever worked with, you will not be disappointed in your purchase.

My husband and I now have three freeze dryers and l must say they are fantastic! I’ve read a lot feedback on some of the groups and I can tell you any difficulties they may be having are likely user error. I did send one of mine back for repair but it was a super smooth process and the Harvest Right staff were very knowledgeable, professional and kept me up to date on the process. I had my freeze dryer back in a short time and couldn’t be happier. Kudos to Jason!

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