Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review

aqua freeze dryer in a kitchen surrounded by freeze dried food

Are you on the fence about purchasing a freeze dryer? Here is a review from one of our customers that may help you decide. It’s a little long, but very informational, and well worth the read. It even includes a few tips for the beginner. Read the full review here:

“In this review I cover what you get with your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer purchase, how it works, pros and cons, costs, and tips and tricks to help you make in informed buying decision. It’s by far the best purchase I’ve ever made in terms of value received in just over 1 year’s usage.

If you have every intention of…saving yourself thousands of dollars purchasing freeze dried food to store for a rainy day, bad storm, power outage, or the next zombie apocalypse, then this machine is great buy for you.

It is the BEST investment I’ve ever made, bar none. I encourage family and friends to purchase a unit of their own. …You’ll no longer have to buy food you really don’t want to eat, store it in the back of your garage for years only to find that it’s ruined due to heat, pests, or water. This machine is the wave of the future for food storage and I look forward to seeing you join in for the ride.”

Thanks for the review!


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