Home Freeze Dried Food vs. Commercially Freeze Dried Food

Recently we did an experiment: Compare home freeze dried food to commercially freeze dried food. Now, having any kind of food storage is a good idea. But we believe that you get better quality and nutrition with a home freeze dryer because you know you’re going to get out of your freeze dryer exactly what you put in it.

Here are some of our photos comparing commercially freeze dried food to what came out of a Harvest Right freeze dryer. There’s nothing wrong with commercially freeze dried food – in fact, it’s still better than other preservation methods such as canning or dehydrating and it will last much longer than food in your freezer. However, now that you have the option to freeze dry at home you have total control over the end product.

In the first photo below, on the bottom row you’ll see commercially freeze dried bananas, strawberries and apples. On the top are our own freeze dried bananas, strawberries and apples from our Harvest Right freeze dryer.


In the following photos the commercially freeze dried fruits are on the left and our’s are on the right.

Which would your rather eat?

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