Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review

kitchen with an aqua blue freeze dryer surrounded by food

Recently one of our customers, Sean O., posted a review of his new Harvest Right Freeze Dryer on his blog. Sean says his freeze dryer took 14 days to arrive and only took about an hour to set up. His blog post outlines his first attempts, including freeze drying mashed potatoes, ground beef, shredded cheese, bananas, blueberries, celery and carrots.

Sean shared some good tips for getting your freeze dryer set up correctly, and writes about his experience with Harvest Right customer service, and how much money he expects they’ll save by freeze drying their own food. And we appreciated his honest feedback…

 I know that the cost of the freeze dryer is a bit pricey for a lot of people but believe me it is well worth it. We did some math and figure that if we were buying #10 cans of what we are freeze drying ourselves it would cost us about three times as much. The Harvest Right freeze dryer will pay for itself in less than a year. Not to mention that you can freeze dry things you can’t buy in #10 cans – like leftovers.

Thanks for the review, Sean!


I’ve had my freeze dryer about 6 mos now. Was very easy to set up and the more I use it, the more things I figure out to do with it. Retiree on social security, so took few mos to decide to buy one, but so glad I did. So happy with it that I almost bought another one when they were on sale. I also have an RV and high healthy great freeze dried meals are such a money saver and you know everything in your meal and whose handled it. Also, technology in these things is phenomenal and people at Harvest Right are great. If everybody in the country had one, we’d never worry about disaster related or biological related food shortage or disease. Best thing I ever bought. Wish I had’ enough bought one much sooner. I’ve got shrimp, goulash, meatloaf, apple wedges, peaches, cantaloupe and so much more I can’t list. Get one. So great and good investment. Mine paid for itself in one year. Thank you Harvest Right for a grrrreat product and outstanding customer service.

Have had my freeze dryer for 5 years and it has been trouble free. I finally had to contact customer service to replace the control screen and Mitchell was 100% helpful. Great customer service!

I had the pleasure of working with Mitchell on my freeze dryer. Somehow I pulled the wires out of the back of the plug (sure it was totally my fault) and I was trying to figure out which wire went to where on the plug. Instead they sent me out a whole new plug set free of charge. To Mitchell and the rest of the folks at Harvest Right you cannot beat your customer service. Fantastic company and we love our freeze dryer

I just had to write about the incredible customer service experience I had with one of the Harvest Right technicians-Chet.
I had a vacuum error on my screen and Chet walked me through each step to check for the cause.
He also asked me if I had loaded the update yet. Because I hadn’t, he walk me through the process. I am not techy at all so was so happy with his patience with me!
And lastly, I had read on a freeze dryer blog about freeze drying candy. I mentioned this to Chet who told me about the program on the Harvest Right freezer to assist with the process.
Every detail with his help and information was perfect!
Thanks Chet…and Harvest Right!

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