I Can Freeze Dry Dairy!

I’ve been a fan of dehydrating and canning for years. But, when I learned that freeze drying would allow me to preserve all the things I love (plus so much more), I got really excited. Some of the first things I freeze dried were things that I knew I couldn’t preserve any other way — like sour cream, yogurt, cheese and ice cream. I used to buy a tub of sour cream and it always expired before my family could use it up. Now, I just buy a large tub and freeze dry all of it. Sour cream easily breaks into a fine powder that I can keep on a shelf in my pantry. Then, when I need it for a recipe or a meal, I quickly add water to the amount I need and I feel great knowing that I’m saving time and money in the process.


Sounds wonderful, had the same problem with it spoiling before it was used up. How about ice cream , how do you freeze dry that?

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