I Can Freeze Dry Dairy!

I’ve been a fan of dehydrating and canning for years. But, when I learned that freeze drying would allow me to preserve all the things I love (plus so much more), I got really excited. Some of the first things I freeze dried were things that I knew I couldn’t preserve any other way — like sour cream, yogurt, cheese and ice cream. I used to buy a tub of sour cream and it always expired before my family could use it up. Now, I just buy a large tub and freeze dry all of it. Sour cream easily breaks into a fine powder that I can keep on a shelf in my pantry. Then, when I need it for a recipe or a meal, I quickly add water to the amount I need and I feel great knowing that I’m saving time and money in the process. freeze dried dairy product a mylar bag and a jar of freeze dried sour cream


Sounds wonderful, had the same problem with it spoiling before it was used up. How about ice cream , how do you freeze dry that?

This will be a game changer for my family. I am lactose intolerant and have to buy my own lactose-free sour cream. SO now I can buy more, and freeze dry it and it will never be thrown out again. So great!

I am wanting to freeze dry sour cream that I made using a starter culture in order to have my own starter culture powder for future batches. Do you have any suggestions for doing this, or should it work just find to freeze dry my sour cream on regular settings/procedures?

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