Eat some freeze-dried food on your next nature walk

People spend a lot of time indoors. They spend their days at work staring at blue screens to then go home and stare at a TV screen. Eventually something breaks and they just have to get outside. Besides getting a change of scenery, there are also health benefits to getting outside and getting into nature. 

Several studies show that taking a walk in nature can have memory-promoting effects that other walks don’t. One study conducted at the University of Michigan gave participants a brief memory test. They were then divided into two groups. One group took a walk around an arboretum while the other group took a walk down a city street. When the participants returned, they were given the test again. Those who had walked among the trees did almost 20% better than they had the first time. Those that walked around the city did not consistently improve. 

A similar study on depressed individuals found that walks in nature not only improved memory but also boosted happiness. Those that enjoyed walking in nature also felt less stress and had more energy.

The perfect snack to take with you on a nature hike is freeze-dried food. Freeze-dried food is lightweight, easy to carry, and tasty to eat. Pre-packaged freeze-dried food you buy in the store is usually full of sodium and other preservatives. We have had many customers whose main purpose for purchasing a freeze dryer is to create freeze-dried snacks and meals for camping and hiking.

Nothing beats spending quality time in nature while eating healthy freeze-dried food you made at home. You can learn more about using a Harvest Right freeze dryer to create camping and backpacking food by visiting our website

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