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Harvest Right Freeze Dryers preserve food that looks and tastes better than store-bought freeze-dried food and at a total cost that is thousands less. Freeze drying is also simple to do – much easier than canning or dehydrating. If you care about having an emergency food supply, a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is the best and most affordable way to do it.

Studies show the average American family wastes about $2,500 per year between produce and dairy that goes bad, leftovers that don’t get eaten, and items that expire or get freezer burn. All these food items could be freeze dried and put on the pantry shelf ready to taste great next week – or in 20 years. Plus, if you have a garden and want to preserve your harvest or take advantage of sales on produce when it’s in season and affordable, this is a smart investment to make for the future of your family. Many of our customers say their freeze dryer paid for itself in less than a year.

Harvest Right understands that this amazing technology will feel like an investment for some families, so we offer a way for customers to finance a freeze dryer for 0% interest. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Lock in your sale price with a $250 down payment.

2. Pay as much as you want, when you want.

3. When you reach the down payment amounts shown below, your freeze dryer will be sent to you:

  • $1400 (Small Freeze Dryer)
  • $1500 (Medium Freeze Dryer)
  • $2000 (Large Freeze Dryer)

4. Pay the remaining balance equally over 12 months with 0% interest.

To find out more, call and talk to one of our account managers: 1-800-700-5508.

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Say I wanted the oil less pump on a large and I also if don’t want the system sent till I have it paid off is that possible. I didn’t know you had this feature till one day i got an email and that got me to the site were i started looking around. This way I can take a couple months instead of hitting my saving and paying for it at once.

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