Winner of a Medium Freeze Dryer

Winner of a medium freeze dryer Wendy L

Congratulations to Wendy L.! She is the winner of a medium freeze dryer.

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A great opportunity to reduce wasted food and build a great reserve of food storage for future needs and to protect against calamities.

Wendy L. One lucky lady 😃❤️
I dream of getting one for my home so I can stock shelves for my family and me. One day good Lord willing I will share pictures with you all to.
You are all blessed to be able to this for your family and friends. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

After sampling various freeze dried products, I’ve found that there is truth in advertising. The natural flavor is maintained. Quite honestly, I can nibble on freeze dried beef chunks and diced potatoes like they’re a trail mix. I’m contemplating purchasing the small unit because I live in an area that has been struck by natural disaster more than once. I’ve created recipes for disaster and would enjoy prepping tasty meals for people in my community.

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