Let’s talk about how you can enjoy America’s favorite dessert with help from your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.

The simplest thing you can do is preserve the pies you have made by slicing thin and freeze drying these “spears” of magnificence for later snacking. You may also cut these spears into even smaller bites. Your kids will be the envy of all at the lunch table when they pull out these amazing little treats. Let’s be honest… Freeze-dried pie trumps Little Debbie every single time.

If you want to add an elegant touch, you can prepare pies specifically for the freeze dryer by making tiny crusts in muffin tins, and filling with your favorite pie filling. Use tiny cookie cutters to cut cute top crusts for your fruit pies. Just be prepared; you will spend more time assembling and freeze drying these than it will take your family and friends to eat them. They are every bit as delicious as they are pretty to look at.

Another way that your freeze dryer will assist is in preserving the harvest for your future pies. Fruit is amazing on its own as a healthy snack, and if you are lucky enough to keep the family out of it, you can rehydrate your fruit and make wonderful pie. Apples, peaches, plums, cherries, and other fruit freeze dry well, and your guests won’t be able to tell that their fruity, crust-wrapped goodness was recently a crispy piece of fruit.

Pumpkin and other squashes used for pie may be freeze dried in cubes or pureed. You may do them with or without spices. In fact, you may make complete pie filling, with milk and eggs, and simply rehydrate this later and pour into a shell. The nice thing about having your own freeze dryer is that YOU get to choose the level of convenience. You are not at the mercy of a merchant who decides what you need or want. If you want to do pumpkin or butternut squash as a standalone ingredient so that you can also make a casserole or two, then do so. If you prefer the convenience of opening a pouch and adding water, then pouring into a crust, you may do it that way. When it comes to customizing your food storage, Harvest Right is your best friend.

Dietary restrictions are no problem for you and your machine. Now you can serve those low sugar treats and preserve the leftovers for your family member to enjoy later. They will thank you. Options for low sugar treats are limited and expensive. Make your own. They will taste fresh and delicious. Don’t worry that they won’t or shouldn’t eat a whole pie. Now you can preserve it for another day. We hope that you find more than one way to enjoy putting your Harvest Right to work. Save a slice for us!

freeze dried cheesecake slices


Donna, good morning! I just recently started using my freeze dryer again and I wondered if by chance you have ever tried to freeze dry jams or jellies? Do they ever dry out or are they always sticky? I am experimenting, as I got carried away a few years ago and made so much jam. I am either going to have to pitch or freeze dry! Have you worked with any of this? Thank you so much for your time.

Has anyone tried to freeze dry almond butter fudge? If it has almond butter, honey, etc in it, will t work?

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