Avid Hiking Family Loves Their Freeze Dryer

white freeze dryer with a background: a boy with hiking gear on, a back with a hiking backpack, food cooking over an open fireWe recently received a message from a very satisfied customer. Don and Jessica Westbrook have owned a freeze dryer for nearly two years and love it. They use their freeze dryer to preserve garden produce, make snacks, and add to their food storage.

man wearing backpack, waving“We love the dryer!” wrote Jessica who uses the freeze dryer for everything “from scrambled eggs from our own chickens to the Thanksgiving leftovers and everything from our large garden.”

The Westbrooks are an avid hiking family and really enjoy using their Harvest Right freeze dryer to make and package freeze-dried meals and snacks to take on trips. Their son, Jake, recently spent six weeks hiking the Appalachian Trail exclusively eating food that was prepared in the freeze dryer. Jake enjoyed both how lightweight freeze-dried food is and eating healthy meals he knew he liked. He also didn’t have to worry about the added salt or other preservatives found in store-bought backpacking meals.

Their grandson, Daegan, also loves taking freeze-dried snacks on hikes that he takes with his family.

The Westbrooks feel like the freeze dryer has already paid for itself and look forward to future freeze-drying adventures.

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