5 Tips for Building an Emergency Food Plan

Record-breaking cold has been sweeping nearly every part of the country this month. Cold temperatures bring snow, ice, and winter emergencies. Most people don’t keep much food in their pantries, which causes panic at the grocery stores when weather warnings hit the airwaves. Worse, winter storms can cause food shortages and dangerous conditions for those who are forced out of the house to shop. Having a home freeze dryer eliminates winter storm worries. Many of our customers freeze dry leftovers and extras all year long. When January and February ice and snow hit, their shelves are already stocked with delicious food to see them through bad weather.

macaroni and cheese

It’s never too late to get started on your own emergency food supply. If you have a home freeze dryer, carve out some time to prepare and freeze dry 7 to 14 days of emergency meals. Don’t have a home freeze dryer yet? Order yours today and start planning your emergency meals while you wait on delivery. Here are some of our favorite tips for building an emergency meal stash:

  1. Start with leftovers – By simply making a little more than you need, or by saving what you would have wasted, you can quickly build an emergency food supply.
  2. Take advantage of sales – Keep an eye out at the grocery store for sales on perishable foods. Meat and vegetables that have been marked down can be cooked that day and freeze dried for a shelf life of up to 25 years.
  3. Intentionally make a plan – Imagine you’re stuck in the house for a week or two. What do you want to eat? Hearty soups and casseroles are favorites when comfort food is in order, and a big batch goes a long way. Take time to make extra large batches of your favorite winter comfort foods, freeze dry them, store in airtight containers, and stash away in case of emergency.
  4. Keep some in the car – If you live in snow or ice prone areas, keep some high-energy freeze dried snacks in your car. You don’t need to rehydrate freeze dried food to eat it. If you ever find yourself stuck in a snow emergency outside, you won’t have to worry about going hungry.
  5. Make enough to share – Sharing freeze dried food is one of the best parts of having a home freeze dryer. It’s great to be able to help neighbors when the going gets tough. Your generosity in a emergency can inspire others to be prepared next time.

Whether you own a home freeze dryer or you’ve been thinking about getting one, it’s never too late to get started on your emergency food supply. Stored properly, freeze dried food can last up to 25 years. The little bit of effort you invest today can pay big dividends in the future.

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