National Ice Cream Sandwich Day – It’s Never Too Late to Celebrate

freeze dried ice cream bars

August 2nd of every year is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, this is one holiday you can enjoy all year. Freeze dried ice cream sandwiches are probably everyone’s favorite treat when they start experimenting with their Harvest Right home freeze dryer. Whether you choose a full-fat brand or a reduced calorie brand, freeze drying ice cream sandwiches means you can enjoy this creamy, nostalgic treat without having to have a freezer nearby.

To freeze dry ice cream sandwiches, start the freeze dryer while it’s empty so it gets really cold – about 30 minutes. Cut the ice cream sandwiches into bite size pieces, or, place your sandwiches on the trays while still in the plastic wrap (snip one side open). Once freeze dried, store them in Mylar bags with an oxygen absorber and you’ll have ice cream sandwiches wherever you go. That’s right – you can now take ice cream sandwiches hiking, camping, on road trips, to school or to work – no refrigeration required.

freeze dried ice cream sandwiches

Freeze dried ice cream sandwiches are so tasty that you won’t need a national holiday to remind you how much you love these decadent treats.


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I slice ice cream out of a carton into pieces and FD it for my grandchildren. Even adults love it. It won’t sit around for 6 months. They eat it too fast.

I tried this just as you explained and the ice cream in the sandwiches bubbled up. They look like bite-sized ice cream sandwiches covered in bubble bath. It’s hilarious and fun, but I’d like to know why. Any ideas? Thanks.

Some ice cream has air pumped into it and can bubble up. We also like to pre-freeze the ice cream on the trays so that it is very cold before going into the freeze dryer. This tends to help as well.

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