Harvest Right Emergency Shelter Review

Recently Cameron at the Prepped for Life blog reviewed our Emergency Dome Shelter. Cameron reviews emergency preparedness and self sufficiency gear and tools, and here’s what he had to say about the Harvest Right Emergency Dome Shelter:

The first thing that he notes is that the shelter is made for long-term use instead of as a lightweight backpacker’s shelter, but it is ideal for long-term hunting or camping trips. Cameron mentions that in a natural disaster, this shelter could stay up for months if needed. He points out that if you have land, this shelter is a much more affordable alternative to having a cabin.

Cameron was impressed by it’s utility. He liked that the shelter is UV resistant, right down to the stitching. He also liked that it’s structurally sound and resistant to storm force winds and snow.

He set the shelter up by himself in about 45 minutes, and had a friend help him pull the top cover on. He liked that there were no nuts and bolts to fiddle with. The shelter snaps together by hand, which makes it fast and simple to assemble. He found the connections organized and intuitive.

The shelter comes in three sizes – Cameron set up the 16’ shelter, the smallest of Harvest Right’s Emergency Domes – and found it roomy enough for several people.

Cameron liked that this is a four-seasons shelter with plenty of ventilation for warm weather and a stove jack for cold weather.

Check out the entire video review here for more of Cameron’s experience with the Harvest Right Emergency Dome.

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