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Harvest Right Commercials on YouTube

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The best video of why I need a Harvest Right freeze dryer is the “Zombies”. If you wait until the “Zombies” are outside and banging on the windows, then you have failed to care for your family. Stock up now!

I like the Smokestacks one because it reminds us all of how saving today’s wholesome foods can protect us from some of the dangers of “progress”.

While all of the commercials were entertaining, for me, I would say that the “water” one had the biggest impact, because it seems more to reflect what could happen due to climate change. I had a hard time choosing between it and “windmill”, but it ultimately gave me more to think about, and most made me want to try freeze drying.

The Freeze Dryer looks amazing and my Sons would put it to use. My favorite video is the Dinosaur because I’m that old.

I like the under water and the zombie ones best – the others all seem to have a wee bit of a negative or too doomsday in a bad way feel to them.

Good idea 🙂 Love the window in the background. and you guys the yummiest meal to recreate.

My favorite is Harvest Right “Future: Windmills” because that choice is the only way to prevent most of the other choices.

This is an awesome idea and it appears you have perfected the technology! We plan to do more research and perhaps invest in this system for our family and friends.

I vote for “Future Zombies”. It’s really why I bought my freeze drier in the first place–for when the zombie apocalypse does happen. Just kidding, but really for everyday minor possible apocalypse (scouts camp, girls camp, since my children have lots of allergies and I need to always make theirs at home and pack it without refrigeration) and for the major ones too 😉

Future City is my favorite commercial, but they’re all fun and well-done. We LOVE the quality of our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer and your company service.

I have an organic garden and try to preserve as many veggies as I can for the Winter. I live in northern Vermont. Home Freeze Drying definitely has a future for northern climates for yearly preservation of food as well as long term. I inquired at our nearest Price Chopper super market and also Newport Natural organic food store and neither carry any freeze dried products.

I am delighted that Harvest Right is now marketing the first home Dryer. To purchase one is beyond my financial means at this time. I hope that many who can afford the investment will buy one and publish their experience with it. Thanks! Theresa Lagoy

Loved the Future City commercial so much that I bought a freeze dryer from you! Ha! It worked . Really enjoying my Harvest Right!!

Haha! These are all great commercials. First of all, I love the fact that they are not ‘dumbed down’, as pretty much all commercials are, and therefore do not insult ones intelligence. That being said, it’s really hard to choose a favorite. So I will give you my top 3. #1 ‘Future Zombies’; really funny!! #2 ‘Future Water’; #3 ‘Future Burning City’. Great job, Harvest Right!!

I love the Dinosaur video underwater that is so COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was my favorite.
And it is so true that you do not know what is going to happen in 25 years. Just look at the changes in the last 25 years!!!!!

The commercial that shows…”storms” IS my favorite, because I live in Alabama. For all of us that live here, it is a realistic reason to take care of the future….and present! Storms are our lives.

I like the windmill commercial the best. I want to be prepared but some of the others are just too far out. ZOMBIES ! ? !

I liked the commercial that shows ‘ice’ because it relates to ‘freeze-drying’ and our earth could flip back to an ice age.

All are good but “Future: Burning City” has my vote. With all the trouble in the city they weren’t worried.

They are all great, but my favorite is the zombies outside the window while they are feasting. Thank you for the chance!

Well my vote is going to Harvest Right Future Zombies! Even if you a facing a zombie apocolypse, you can still serve your family a great meal with Harvest right! I think the commercials are very clever and funny. It was a lot of fun watching!

The future water one definitely had shock value and was memorable! However, my overall pick would be for the Zombies and I’ll tell you why. Zombies are a profitable topic with the wide success of a certain popular TV show. In addition, the preparedness market identifies well with the “zombie apocalypse” scenario.

The zombie one fits the mind state of people I meet. They don’t believe in zombies, but they believe in prepping for something.

I love the music– so relaxing, making one think that freeze drying food is a pleasant, enjoyable activity. All the videos have “fun” backgrounds, but the “Future: Windmills” seems most realistic for a 25 year span, and most hopeful as our planet continues to cope with many issues.

Hi, My favorite ending is the underwater scene. It has good visuals and is a bit more subtle than some of the others. My second choice would be the ice scene and my third choice would be the cow scene.

OMG! Who doesn’t love to watch zombies! They’re everywhere. I especially like them in this ending because of the “25 years later”. You KNOW they’ll be around by then, right? The “zombie-o-calypse”? Tee-hee! ; D

Sorry posted 2. Site said that I already left that comment and it 2 as duplicate when it wasnt

Zombies, may be my favorite one. I think you should show one ending in living underground or a missle silo. People are building these kinds of things in anticipation of what the future might be.

I love the “future city” clip. It’s the one that represents the future the best, not scary, believable. Love my freeze dryer. Whether it’s food for us or our pets, Harvest Right has us covered!

The burning city would be my pick, should have done a post apocalyptic city though. Really would love to own this but it will never be in our budget, sadly.

I prefer the storm commercial because it seems the most realistic to me. People need to recognize the reality of the need for preparing for REALISTIC potential disasters. REALLY!!! HeeHee!

They are all great informative commercials, Waiting for my new freeze dryer to arrive I can’t wait until I can start enjoying reaping the benefits of fresh food in the middle of a Midwest winter

I love the zombie one! I’m a Walking Dead fan, but I also think it’s hilarious because people make fun of us for prepping food for the future.

Haha! These are all great commercials. First of all, I love the fact that they are not ‘dumbed down’, as pretty much all commercials are, and therefore they do not insult ones intelligence. That being said, it’s really hard to choose a favorite. So I will give you my top 3. #1 ‘Future Zombies’; really funny!! #2 ‘Future Water’; #3 ‘Future Burning City’. Great job, Harvest Right!!

The one I liked the most was the “storms”. Some of the other ones were kinda cheesy, to be honest, but this one hits home because we’ve had a lot of storm devastation in Arkansas in the last few years.

The zombies I did not like at all. The others are ok but I find the storm most believable and therefore it is my favorite.

Being from Texas and Florida before that, I can sympathize and agree with Norma on the “storms” being my favorite and also pertinent for today and tomorrow. That’s why I have a freeze dryer and it runs constantly!

My favorites were all in the middle row, the cow and dinosaur were hilarious, loved the storms and the burning city, but the zombie one creeped me out:) I could eat dinner through a lot of things, but not even I could maintain an appetite with zombies on the other side of the window waiting to eat ME! ha.

All are great commercials…the Future: Cow was the funniest but although a hard choice, I think the Future: Windmills goes best with Harvest Right’s freeze dryers. Both are ways of saving money and wasting less.

I also shared on twitter.

I also like the storms as it shows the comfort of home while it appears chaotic outside…I live in Idaho where we have high winds and blizzards going sideways and below freezing temperatures and being inside can be comforting…especially with good food.

I loved so many of them but I think the zombie one was my favorite. They were very cute and kept my attention.

i watch most of it i did not watch the zombies ending im not a big fan of zombies i like the windmill it is much happier ending .. im a sucker for a happy ending but good commercial though plus i did not know that freeze dried foods can last up to 25 years!

I like the volcano although it was a toss up between that and the Zombies LOL. They are all cute but I pick the volcano. 😉

All of these are really funny. We have a freeze dryer and I find all your videos to be very helpful and educational as we learn how much food we can put on the trays etc. Thank you for these videos.

Love them all and had to watch all of them. If I had to pick I guess I would go with the Meteors, no wait the storm or maybe the future city, can’t pick one still laughing at the last one I watched, ok I am definitely going with the burning city or maybe…

The zombie commercial is good for the company because it won’t be forgotten, it’s something everyone is talking about now-a-days and it’s the trend. They are all cute though.

All of the commercials are clever & creative, but my favorite is the zombie ending with dinosaurs running a close second. Well done!

I liked the cow abduction for cleverness. I don’t think I could eat very well if I had to do it in front of starving people, even zombies, clawing at my windows. Storms and meteors is probably the most realistic futures next to a mushroom shaped cloud on the horizon.

The cow and the UFO is kind of funny but since you are showing a Turkey for dinner shouldn’t the UFO be stealing Turkies??? Because you prepared you still have Turkey.

Zombies, definitely the zombies! Being one of the most popular “memes” in television history, and likely one of the hottest shows currently on television (The Walking Dead) I think it would appeal to a wide audience. Plus, the sheer contrast to the peaceful dinner taking place inside while a zombie apocalypse rages outside is perfect. The “future ice” is likely my second pick. Since my own personal belief is that we’ll be experiencing a mini ice age within our, or our children’s lifetime.

Ha well I think there all good in there own right,pretty hilarious.I’d say I’m stuck between two “Cow” and “Zombies”. Beings I’m of a fan of The Walking Dead and seeing how much scarce food becomes when zombies attack,I have to go with that one.My how I would love to just whip this out when the world is

“Future City” is my favorite commercial ending. Actually a lot of the endings were funny, but this is my favorite.

The water, cow, and zombies, are all fun presentations, while the others tend to be more serious they too are very good. If I had to choose just one I would pick the cow, just because it is fun. if you can, I would use several and let people guess at which ending is coming.

My kids are all about Dinosaurs right now. That one is definitely my favorite. Can’t wait to get a Harvest Right freeze dryer of my own!

I love the “Future Meteors” and the Zombie commercials the best, although they were all good and made me chuckle.

Future, burning city. I believe this is the one i always see on The Blaze tv, and it’s a little scary, a little true, clever and funny all at once. Very smart! And I would love to have one of these!

I like the Meteor ad the best. I find it interesting that the hostess is wearing the same outfit and apron as she did 25 years earlier. Maybe clothing is in short supply in the future. Good thing they have food storage!

For the TV public, I would say The Storm, or The Meteors would be good. Some of the others are too “slow”, most people won’t notice anything, although some of them are really cool. NOT the windmills, it would just remind people of the bailed out “Green Energy” that took “OUR TAX” money and FAILED!

My favorite is “Harvest Right “Future: Burning City” because it seems like the most realistic. It also seems quite comforting to be able to have food to eat with your family while the rest of the city burns into chaos.

I think they are all stupid, sorry! The way she was preparing the food was unrealistic and they never put the black insulation pad in before starting the machine. That being said, I love my freeze dryer????

I like the “Storms” one the best because storms are a yearly occurrence and would stand out to more people that they could have food saved up to use in case of a major storm.

Y’all really did a great job with these! By far the zombies are my favorite and it’s contemporary with the popularity of the times. Awesome! Wish you the best!


I voted for future storm because at the rate the weather is going lately it seems very plausible that we
will have storms like that in the very near future!

I liked the Water one best–it could stand for climate change/ice cap melting OR for fun, high-tech underwater habitats.
They were all creative.

The “future storm” video makes the most sense to me. It’s a natural disaster, so it’s realistic and is something that could happen to anyone at anytime. In the event of a bad storm, freeze dried food can be easily transported in a tote to a safe location and used to feed folks until life returns to normalcy.


Watching your commercials really hits the nail on the head. We really don’t know what is coming and seeing the Zombies gave me the reason to get one. Packaged light weight for easy traveling if necessary. Just got my FD and anxious to try so many foods.

Truly like many others who’ve commented, I loved the Harvest Right “Future: Cow”. It made me laugh out loud. How dare that UFO take away one of my favorite food sources. MOOOOOve over other contenders this Harvest Right “Future: Cow” is the best. ET what’s your beef it sure isn’t going to be anyone’s who uses a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.

The funniest vote goes to Future Cow. Realistically speaking, Storms was the kicker for me. That’s an occurrence that could happen at any time.

I like Future: Dinosaurs.

It reminds me of what Albert Einstein said: “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

I the storm one is my favorite because it is something many people can relate to and therefore seems pretty convincing as a commercial for the product. I like the UFO cow abduction one too though because it is funny.

The Zombie one kinda freaked me out. I did really like the one with the prehistoric animal swimming by the window.

Living here on Grandma’s Farm, the Future Cow hits home with me. I don’t know about the 25 years though, why just last week we discovered 2 cows missing……Wait a minute…What is that in the sky?…Why are they shining a light down on me?..

My favorite is the Cow. Always keep a sense of humor no matter how dire the situation is- laughter makes every meal better.

I love the “Future:Zombies”, after all if we don’t have enough food preserved or that we can access, then we are dead!

wind mills Relates to the end times happening in our would to day. and I think I am too late but I needed to say it
Reality of todays reality survival is not a joke.

I think they are all wonderful, my favorite is the storms. As an avid gardener, some years you have a bumper crop while other years you experience a drought with fewer crops. Putting up the abundance is food security which is why I love your product. My second choice is the zombie video, are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

My favorite is the storm commercial. We can have some pretty severe weather in our area from time to time, so severe weather is my biggest concern.

Tough choice, but I believe I have to go with the “Future: Zombie” commercial. “Future: Cow” was a close second!

You have really outdone yourself. I love these commercials. I hope you will air them all.I think the Zombies was the best just because it made me laugh. Nice cozy family without a care in the world and confident in their planning.

My favorite is the cow, BUT I would go for a more realistic scene, I liked the Burning city. We need to be ready when that day comes so waiting until it gets here is a bad idea.

I like the future zombies and future city. My 6 yr. old son likes future cow, future city and future dinosaurs.

I enjoyed all of the optional endings. My favorites were water with whatever ‘sauras’ was swimming by or the wind turbines for power. The rest seemed to be negative endings and I still believe the people of the world can get themselves together and fix the mess that we have put ourselves in.

I like the “Future Ice” commercial because it implies that there will be plenty of water for re-hydration of the freeze dried food and I believe that is a major concern.

I liked both the underwater one and the smokestack one. Underwater because it is unique and very cool. Smokestacks, because it shows how bad the pollution is getting (imagine how terrible food must be then!) Yet the food from the freeze dryer is still super healthy 25 years later!

Ditto on the black insulating pad not being put in…that was definitely an oversight…

I liked the Future:City except for the burning buildings. I saw your response to a comment above and watched Future:Water City–that one is my favorite!

The most realistic condition is the storm. The most current genre would be the zombies. The most likely is “you never know what might happen”. I pick the Storm.

I like the “Future Water” commercial best. What is that thing swimming around anyway? I love the idea of freeze dried foods. Would love to have a machine of my own!

My favorite was the smoke stacks. I can remember when cities looked like that. Kinda like China looks these days.

My vote would depend upon what you hope to leave in the potential buyer’s memory. Ice, smokestacks or water seem to be most likely in the future. Zombies, and cow would cause people to laugh; and humor goes into long term memory. The beginning of the commercial is perfect. However, the table spread may be a bit extreme in real problematic situations. Many events are unlikely if people would be sitting in a home around a table…meteor shower, storm, dinosaurs, zombies, etc. They’d be seeking shelter.
We purchased our freeze dryer because we fear our government and its possible collapse and the end of economics as we know it. The most realistic of the backgrounds, in my opinion, are the smokestacks or windmills. Both of which could be close to houses and both could make food production difficult. I vote for windmills, a very realistic senario.

I thought the water was best, and then the city. I thought a world of just windmills and smokestacks was ugly, a world with horrific storms, meteors, volcanoes and burning cities was too scary, and the dinosaurs, cow and zombies were just silly.

Well the Zombie commercial definitely had the best wow factor for me but all of them had a tongue in cheek element. I liked the future cow.

I like the alien invasion/future city one, followed by the volcanoes (probably because I grew up next to Mount St Helens.)

I like the Future – ICE. The warm holiday gathering is juxtaposed to the cold ice out the window. It is a great visual understanding of the importance of the product.

My 10 yr old son LOVES “Dinosaurs” (of course). My personal favorite is “Water”. It best allows individuals to imagine the future as they see it.

The ‘Zombies’ have to go! lol I like the ‘cow’! But then I also like the dinosaurs, both in the water (#1), & out, and the ‘ice age’ wasn’t bad either. Are you getting the idea that I’m really not into the violent ones?! lol

The smokestacks made me think about what is going into the air and affecting our food – while the air is not amazing now, I shudder to think what it could be like in 25 years!

Though I thought most of them were enjoyable to watch I’m voting for the one titled Harvest Right “Future: Water”.
A revival of the Plesiosaurs???

The future has become a serious topic with many concerns for what we’ll be faced with. We get so much negative thrown at us daily. I choose the humorous side. My vote is for the abducted cow. I guess we’re not the only ones working on food storage. lol

I think the STORM…cuz that could mean “any storms of life” and is not so “futuristic”…as I am sure storms will be here now….and later!!! Great ideas!!!

Future Windmills is my favorite. They are all great, but the Windmills or the storm seem to be more realistic for 2041.

Zombies all the way! I would love to freeze dry my own food because I have Celiac’s and I can’t find true “gluten free” food storage.

My favorite is the STORM outside the home. Realistic reason to plan ahead, and make preparation for. Better safe than sorry.

I liked the “Future Storm” . You would want to have an Harvest Right freeze dryer to be able to prepare and store food for your family during environment distress.

Wow, this is so awesome, and a preppers dream come true. I’d love to be able to freeze dry my food for 25 years! I enjoyed all of the commercials, but my favorite is –> Harvest Right “Future: Water” – because that’s a very likely natural disaster to happen in the future in my neck of the woods.

I like the Future meteors. It is something that can really happen. Future storms came in second for me. It is also a real possibility. We went through a hurricane and was without power for 8 days. Freeze dried would have really helped.

I liked the “Future Storm” one the best. It could happen 25 years from now, but also anytime. Being prepared with food freeze dried with the Harvest Right freeze dryer will mean less worries during times of trouble.

I think they are all good. I have to vote for the dinosaurs!! It’s all about being prepare for the “unexpected:. I haven’t heard any predictions of our future returning to our past!

I like the windmills, the colors are awesome and they are already being used in small areas, but I can see them becoming a big thing in the recent future! My second choice would be the smoke stacks unfortunately unless we do some changes this can be what the world looks like for my grands!

Your marketing department should be commended the commercials that they have develop are professional informative and humorous relating the prospective buyer closer to your product line.

Hands down future storm is my pick as it is professional informative impractical with the storm going on the zombie was second runner-up in my opinion thanks for the opportunity I hope to one day have one of your fine products.

Definitely the Zombies… would get the most attention because it is so “now”! Everything/everywhere is “zombies,zombies,zombies!”

I chose the Windmill. Why? It says it’s from the best future possible. HOPE. Harvest Right is part of aYOUR better future.
Intensely skin crawling creeped out by the zombies, that’s all I remember of that commercial. You want your customers to remember the product. Nor am I interested in a future with any of those other negative or unbelievable experiences that you show, riginally was going to pick the storm because it caught my attention of something I would really face. Like I can use this product.

One more thought, perhaps these choice are by what part of the USA we are in. Like West Coast, more windmill choices, nore into future planning. Storms might be more Midwest. You might be able to tailor the commercials to the demographics and area. Windmill for sure where Wind Farms have a positive rating.

The one that makes the most sense to me, and follows reports regarding global warming, is the melting of the icebergs. If the icebergs are rapidly melting at a rate in which we could be flooded in coming years, we are all going to have to resort to living on large ships (like the ark). Plants and animals will die. Food will be next to impossible to come by. If we don’t start preparing today for what lies ahead of us tomorrow, all living things will die. Freeze drying our food today is not a choice, it is a necessity for survival of mankind. HARVESTRIGHT freeze dryers can save lives. You may be able to save your life, the lives of loved ones, neighbors, friends and animals, until the land is again fertile and able to sustain plant life. (Don’t forget to study up on seed storage as well).

I personally believe people who will purchase Freeze Dryers from HARVESTRIGHT will be better convinced by something realistic that applies to life rather than something like an attack of Zombies, UFO’s, or volcanos blowing hot lava at their homes. What is protecting the house? 🙂

I prefer the “Future Storm” as its on message, though the others are funny and clever…is it just me, or did the husband and wife age more than 25 years? 😉

No questions ask it’s the zombies. Lack of forethought definitely could make you a zombie. Poor things should have bought a freeze dryer from Harvest Right!

I liked the future city version the best. I wished that, as the camera pans across the dinner table, you could see futuristic dinner plates and eating utensils, too.

Most of the commercials are a huge turn off..they’re so lame and don’t send the kind of message to the customer that you really want…most of these show that you don’t want to be taken seriously and that the freeze drier is for wackos and crazies. I would give all but the storm and the windmills a F- grade. Unless you want to be a serious contender in the food storage business, you’d better fire that marketing strategy and raise your standards. (UFO’s, cows, and Zombies..seriously??!!!! )

I like the ICE Commercial as it is more realistic and shows the contrast of the icy cold outside and the Warm, Cozy, Family Togetherness that we so associate with mealtimes in hard times! True COMFORT Food!

I liked the ICE commercial the best and the 2nd one for me is Storm even though the COW one is awesome. 🙂

I liked all the commercials, 25 years later, amazing. I am just waiting for my Freeze drier and cannot wait to start using it.

I like the Storms one, because I know that when storms come I have food for my family regardless of power outages.

Harvest Right “Future: Smokestacks” is the one the hit me the most. Got to prepare and if that is our future, going to want food.

They are all great! The one that makes me laugh the most is Future: Zombies! But the ones that make me take it more seriously and seem more realistic are Storm and Burning City.

Most of the commercials indicate that there may not be much chance of having a “garden” as we know it. So having a full table of food for the family to eat epitomizes the need to ‘plan’ ahead and prepare food for long time storage. I liked them all, but put me down for the cow mooing ‘beam me up Scotty”.

I like the Smokestacks…I think that’s where we are headed unless we get our air quality improved. So many children with Asthma now.

The storm seems to be the most realistic. I don’t think you would be calmly sitting down to a feast and I don’t think you you would be eating several meals at once but I do think it would be very comforting to know you had good food for your family. I like the freeze dry idea for the longevity of the food, the light weight of it – easy to store and lift, and and the good taste of it.
I also like the futuristic one. My husband always thought it would be nice to prepare good food with minimal time and effort – kind of like the Jetson’s. So he would go for this food in any situation.

I love the cow one best. But I do really really want one of these I have been canning now for my 2nd year canning I could see sooo much more of the possibilities from this than canning I would love to own one of these and yes I entered the drawing!

I like two more than the rest.

1.The future storm is the best representation for your product – storms in life happen, be prepared.

2. The cow was just funny & cute.

I grew up believing we would be in the “Jetson age” when I reached my age.
The future city brings me back to many dreams of childhood. The machine can make me FEEL like those dreams and childhood adventures have come true!!

Cute! I love the Cow! We need one of these for our farm! I produce more than we can use for our family of 3! I am constantly canning and dehydrating. Time ti take it up a notch!!

I just found out about you guys and this AWESOME piece of modern invention from a Facebook post…and let me say, my mind is blown! I now want one soooo bad! Heehee! I now have something to save for.

And I pick the smokestack one. Unfortunately, our current system is killing our food supply, so this wife saving her nutritious food NOW would speak of the need to save for later, as it all is uncertain, thanks to big business. But loved them all!????

Our teen likes the cow, hubby likes the Water, I like the Ice and Water City both. Zombies isn’t bad either.

I like the Future Water one best. Some of the others (volcanos, meteors) have the family ignoring imminent peril, but I can assume their house is waterproof easier than believing it to be fireproof.

I definitely don’t want to be one of those hungry zombies on the outside. That commercial would convince me to buy a freeze dryer.

I like the storm one, but seriously need to show an economic or black out event that will hit closer to home and may not be 25 yrs down the road , those that have prepared for what ever event will ride out the storm much better….. show the ease of reconstituting a home made meals that You had prepared, show kids enjoying grandma’s cooking long after she is gone, not a commercially pre packed meal from like mountain house

I can’t decide between the future cow and the water videos! The future cow made me laugh but the future water could be something we might see in the future! I really can’t wait to get my freeze dryer!

I Love all the commercials! But choose the windmills one, followed by the zombies 2nd! Cow Third, followed by Future City and Storm!

I’m a Walking Dead fan, so it has to be the Future: Zombies, although the Future: Cow one was pretty funny!!

I was so excited to see that there was a home version available that I didn’t pay attention to the ending of the commercial! Looking at the ones here, my favorite one is the cow.

I really loved the “Cow” commercial due to it’s silliness, however, the “Windmills” commercial was hopeful and the most realistic scenario. So excited to own one of your freeze-dried machines!
As someone with severe food allergies, this is a blessing! No more wasting money buying food storage that I end up being allergic to because FDA doesn’t require certain things to be listed, like how animals are raised or what they are fed, or if there is any corn, even though this is a top allergen yet the FDA doesn’t recognize it, and etc. This is phenomenal news to food allergy sufferers!

My favorite one is the Water City …Though I think an EMP attack would be an awesome one .Our life depends on Electricity!! but yet our Electrical grids are not protected against terrorism or other natural disasters..That would be the death to America..

I was introduced to HarvestRight through your recent commercials on BYUTv. I am quite intrigued with your product and am seriously considering your layaway program. I liked the storm commercial and the underwater one.

I liked the cow commercial. Aliens are desperate for food and they had to get the last remaining cow on Earth, while the family is eating a sumptuous meal prepared 25 years ago.

I like the clean energy Harvest Right “Future: Windmills” commercial. I would like to see the world free of fossil fuel use.

The cow commercial made me laugh the hardest …. The whole lot of them are very well done …. Great work …

I am a survivalist as well as a zombie lover lol. I have many #10 cans of seeds as well as dehydrated food. I also can a great deal. I loved the zombie commercial best. Not because I believe in the walking dead, but because a lot of things can cause people to prey on each other. I would love to add freeze drying to my skill list for prepping for the future.

Waste not, want not…the beauty of saving all the leftovers for the future no matter if it’s 1 month or 20 years, for a future get together or at a camping trip. Now on to the 35 years later commercial review of my favorite.

Future water city gets my vote. It shows there is still plenty of life and water on earth and it’s not a bleak, dooms day downer commercial. There will still be others around to enjoy meals and relationships with. Watching that commercial made me think food would be grown in man made gardens, but the family we were watching had tasty meat and garden items from yesteryear….enjoying a beautiful meal like it was labored over all day.

Sold! Where do I sign up?! 😉

These are always fun to watch. Favorites are Zombies for sure… its just such a strong meme with all the zombie shows and prepper groups with zombie response themes..

on the other hand… burning city strikes me when you look at all the civil unrest in the news lately… but alas… that takes the humour out but makes the point

We are putting in a garden this year so we can FD fresh vegetables. What vegetables need to be blanched prior to FDing? Are there any other precautions with vegetables I need to be aware of? Thanks.

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