A Challenge to Help Solve World Hunger

a woman scraping food off a tray into a trash canNational Geographic recently published an article called “How to Solve World Hunger”. The article had a provocative title, but a very simple – and thought provoking – message: Stop throwing out ugly fruits and vegetables. The premise of the article is that 800 million people worldwide go hungry, at the same time the world is throwing out enough food every year to feed every single one of those  800 million people – twice. That’s right, twice. So where’s the extra food?

In the garbage. Food spoilage due to inadequate storage and weak supply chains is a big culprit. People in developed nations let food spoil when they order too much, throw out food before it’s expired, or just ignore it because they’ve changed their minds or it doesn’t sound good any longer. American schools are reporting that students dump about 40% of their meals.  Restaurants and grocery stores throw out any vegetable or fruit that doesn’t fit the consumer’s concept of what it should look like. That means misshapen, but perfectly nutritious food, goes straight to the garbage bin. If you can remember a time when your grandparents canned food to preserve it, you’ll realize that the demand for “perfect food” is a relatively new phenomenon.

tomato soup being poured into a freeze dryer tray, basil in a freeze dryer tray
Saving tomato basil soup for 25 years!

Having a Harvest Right home freeze dryer is the modern way to combat hunger and food waste, and is a much easier and safer method of preserving food. For a look at the difference, watch our new video about how our ancestors preserved food vs. what’s possible now. We believe the Harvest Right community can set an example for the rest of the world. We encourage you to see the beauty in “ugly” foods, share your harvest with others, and preserve your leftovers and extras for future use for you or someone in need. Can a freeze dryer change the world? We think so.


I remember days when nothing was thrown away but preserved to be eaten again.we have been wasteful and very uncaring to the many that die of hunger daily. I am happy and proud of what you’re doing and would love to partner.

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