Is a Smaller Home Freeze Dryer for You?

Aqua (Blue) freeze dryer
Did you know Harvest Right offers three sizes of freeze dryers? Our smallest version is a compact 16.5″ wide, 25″ tall and 18.5″ deep. Freeze drying technology is superior in every way to other methods of food preservation, but until recently freeze dryers were enormous, expensive machines that were only built for commercial purposes. Harvest Right home freeze dryers change that model. Now anyone can have a home freeze dryer, and even those with a small household can take advantage of the benefits of freeze drying.
Our small freeze dryer has three trays and can sit on a counter top, a rolling cart or small table. It uses pennies worth of electricity per cycle, but yields measurable savings, convenience, and food security.
Owning your own freeze dryer makes healthy eating more affordable. You can make your own “packaged” food with no preservatives. Or, you can make your own healthy recipes and not waste leftovers or ingredients. This can have big financial returns when it comes to produce and meat, especially if you buy organic.
salmon fillets on a freeze dryer tray

Other favorite benefits we hear from our customers include ability to make healthy snacks for their kids, and healthy, portable meals and snacks for work. With a freeze dryer, you can simply package individual portions of your favorite entrees or leftovers. No more fast-food lunches, no more raiding the vending machine, and no more giving in to unhealthy break room temptations.

freeze dried eggs in a bag in a backpack

Having a home freeze dryer is perfect for people who don’t like to cook because it drastically cuts down on the time you need to spend in the kitchen. A freeze dryer allows you to cook once and preserve the leftovers. You’ll quickly build up a stock of meals that are ready for you on nights you can’t face the kitchen. For those who love to cook, a home freeze dryer provides endless possibilities for culinary experimentation, such as these freeze dried gummy bears. Also, you can freeze dry your favorite fruits and use them to naturally flavor your bread and pancake batters, frostings or your favorite chocolate truffles. The possibilities are endless.

a gummy bear next to a freeze dried gummy bear

In fact, we love to see what you’re experimenting with in your freeze dryer so be sure to share your creations, and get inspiration, on our Facebook page.


Most people find that the standard size is the best size. However, if you have a large garden you may want the large freeze dryer to keep up with your harvest. Or, if you have a very small family (just a couple people) then you may be fine with the small size.

I have seen many customers purchase the small freeze dryer and be very happy with it. If you keep it running regularly that it will be a nice fit. If you prefer to run bigger batches of things at one time then you would probably prefer the Medium.

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